Hollywood Party Ideas – 9 Fun Ideas For Your Hollywood Theme Party


Hollywood theme parties are becoming extremely popular these days as more and more people are deciding on putting a twist to their normal run of the mill house party. Take a look at the following Hollywood party ideas to give yourself some inspiration for your big event.

1. Send out your invitations on cut outs of Oscar statues, or on the backs of movie post cards. Be creative with your invites to generate excitement! Address them to the VIP and go for black and gold!

2. Start a Facebook group to send out reminders and updates to your guests. In addition, when people can see who else is coming, it tends to increase attendance!

3. Decide if you would like to go for a sub theme such as an Oscar night ceremony or anything from a particular movie. What ever you decide, it is important that you stick with that one theme and not mix it up with any others.

4. Obtain a red carpet for your entrance! Imagine the effect of having a long red carpeted entrance for your guests to walk up!

5. Once inside, your guests could be greeted by a photographer ready to take their glamor shot in front of a Hollywood background.

6. Scour your home for any Hollywood related memorabilia such as movie posters or props.

7. The guys could perhaps go dressed in full tuxedo or as their favorite movie character. For the ladies, this is a rare opportunity to dress as glamorously as possible.

8. If you decide to go for an Oscar sub theme, you could perhaps have an award for “best dressed couple” or anything else you can think of.

9. For the music, you could go for your favorite Hollywood soundtrack CD. Must play songs include “Singing in the Rain” and “Stardust”.

Source by D C Jackson

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