Hollywood Sex – A Reality Or A Myth


Is Hollywood sex a reality or not? Are the sex scenes we see on our screens anything to compare with our relationships? The trick lies in never comparing yourself or your sex life with the stage managed scenes of Hollywood which are spotless and perfect. However, people are always glued to their screens and fascinated with Hollywood soap operas even if some are totally outrageous. We crave for Hollywood sex due to its perfection and appeal, but is it a reality or a myth? What lacks in our lives and relationships is complimented in Hollywood. This makes Hollywood so addictive to millions of people all over the world. But is Hollywood sex a myth or a reality? Maybe it is the failures in our sex lives that drive us to Hollywood. Real sex with real people can be more satisfying than sex on the cinema.

It is possible for a woman to reach orgasm in a record time of three seconds? Yes, in Hollywood and Hollywood only. It is a blatant lie perpetuated by many movies. Our real world is outside Hollywood where a woman is still not yet ready for sex even in two minutes. A world where some women cannot climax with penetration alone. A woman builds up for sex at a slow momentum with a lot of foreplay at hand. Body stimulation of critical areas of arousal like the breasts and the clitoris come in handy. But here comes Hollywood where a perfect couple meet, entangle in sex which ends in a mind boggling climax barely three seconds later, a reality or a myth. It creates confusion amongst many people especially men. They wonder why a woman takes ages to attain an orgasm during a sexual encounter. It would be accurate to argue that, Hollywood sex diminishes sexual satisfaction in the real world.

Hollywood is a pseudo world where inside every decent woman lies a professional stripper just begging to be let out. It is possible to term Hollywood as a fantasy world. Every young actress in this fantasy world has striped for the cameras at one particular time. It was made popular, trendy and hot in ‘striptease’ when it starred Demi Moore. Striping in Hollywood is done with well choreographed moves combined with pole dancing that leaves the audience with hanging mouths. The strippers are appear to the sexiest ever to behold your eyes. A lot of practice goes before hand before the stripper graces the stage with her stunning moves and an even more stunning body when she eventually strips and engages in Hollywood sex.

It is more sexier and more sexually appealing to fool around in world class stages than in normal awkward ares and places. Hollywood sex looks great because it is sheer acting. In this wonderland called holly wood, it is never awkward to do anything. It is perfectly all right to do anything despite the prevailing circumstances. The word uncomfortable does not feature in Hollywood. You can get down to hot sex in the rain without fear of ever getting chilly. Neither do you fear getting urinary tract infection as you do it in a hot tub or in a pool without a water proof lube. In reality no woman would even remotely come near an orgasm while she is miles away from the comfort of her bed.

Source by Francis K Githinji

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