Hollywood, The F.C.C., Is Asleep At The Switch


Remember the good old days when parental controls meant “Be

in bed by 10,this is a school night? ” Remember what a treat it was to be able to eat on a TV tray in the living room and watch Leave It To Beaver ,Bonanza, Land Of The Giants, Hogans

Hero’s, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ?

Those were the good old days, and you could be entertained

,thrilled, and still enjoy your meal with out being grossed out

and losing your cookies because some guy just blew some ones

head clean off and you have just seen his brains splattered all

over the place thanks to a million dollars worth of  Hollywood 

special effects.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not down on the stunt people ,or

the special effects crew, they do a wonderful job. But there are some things that are better left out of the script all together. You do not have to totally shock and gross a person out to sell tickets, or advertising, and the more I see it the more turned off I get to the whole  Hollywood  industry.

There used to be a time when the TV Networks had a little

hint of common decency and they would censor foul mouth

language,and in descent exposure. But they have done a full

turn around for the worst, and have made it impossible for a

family to enjoy a meal in front of the TV, and even harder to

select programing suitable for our children.

Between the blood and guts, irresponsible sex, and now same

sex life style invading our living rooms, you leave us no choice but to fight back .

At the Academy awards actor George Clooney made the

remark that he was glad to be out of touch with the rest of

America. Well Mr.Clooney, your a fine actor, but one day

you will remember that it is the rest of America, the movie going public, that is enabling you to pay your limo drivers salary!

They even went as far as to attack the integrity of dead

 Hollywood  actor John Wayne ,God rest his soul ,who over the

course of his career achieved legendary status, just to promote

a very questionable film, Brokeback Mountain ,by raising the

question that even he, may have been confused about his

sexuality. It is easy to attack some one who can not defend them selves, but I dare say you would not have said it to his face and remained standing! ” I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted,I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to others,and I expect the same from them. ” John Wayne.

Whether you feel it in the loss of revenues in the box office, or loss of advertising clients or “The rest of America” boycotting the manufactures of products, or F.C.C. fines, You Will Feel The Effects Of Your Poor Judgement !

I for one, am sick and tired of the problems that  Hollywood 

has caused because of its lack of human decency, and it’s time

to take back our rights in deciding what kind of entertainment

our children are exposed to.

Until such time as  Hollywood  takes a much needed noble approach to the problem, I suggest that you file complaints with the F.C.C.,(the link to do this is included) ,boycott the

manufactures of products that are advertised during the

objectionable show,write a letter of complaint to the networks, write a complaint to your cable supplier and request that the

charge for those shows be removed from your bill ,and finally

turn off your TV when those shows come on.

 Hollywood , There is better subject matter out there. You

 Hollywood  writers, it is up to you to lead the way, because “The rest Of America” is taking notice, and it is about time you took a stand for decency.

Source by Alan W Duckworth

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