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Whether you want to re-enact a classic movie era or have an over the top modern day  Hollywood  theme, the creative opportunities for your wedding celebration are endless. A  Hollywood  theme wedding can have many different angles including getting in to the character of your favorite movie couple. Or you can actually replicate features of your wedding that are the same as your favorite true life  Hollywood  movie stars such as a wedding gown or cake style. With a few key ideas and an incredible amount of creative possibilities, your  Hollywood  theme wedding will be a night for you as well as your guests to remember.

Having a Wedding  Hollywood  Style

The details of your  Hollywood  Theme wedding are the most essential touches to pulling off your special day. You can be creative with sending out your invitations such as wording the invitation much like a movie awards program and using a custom designed gold seal on the outer envelope. If you want to get really creative, you can make a video invitation. You can formally snail mail an internet link to your video invitation or you can send it via email. There are secure links that will allow you to restrict access to your video invitation and services that can assist with your film including providing costumes and props.

Music is another part of  Hollywood  that can be a great feature at your wedding. You can walk down the aisle to romantic movie ballads or dance throughout the night to movie greats. You can be even more elaborate with your  Hollywood  theme wedding by using props and backdrops to make your wedding site reception look like a movie set. Lighting that is reminiscent of stage lights or even using spotlights to highlight your entrance can be great additions to your  Hollywood  theme wedding.

Making Guests Part of the Act

Your guests can enjoy being part of the act with era appropriate costumes or the opportunity to dress as their own favorite actors or movie characters. You can also consider assigning guests characters for the night, sitting them at tables with others that are part of the same movies and encouraging costumes. Your guests may also enjoy having their photographs taken with life-size famous cutouts. And of course a red carpet walk into the reception would be expected, complete with easy photo opportunities for your hired photographer and waiting guests.

Awards events are famous for their pricey gift bags for the stars, and while you probably cannot replicate thousands of dollars in freebies, you can create bags for each of your guests, including cosmetic samples and perfumes for ladies and cigars and colognes for the men. You can also include  Hollywood  related items such as a DVD of an actual movie and gourmet popcorn.

A  Hollywood  theme wedding can be a creative and memorable way to celebrate your special day. The details of your planning can put your event over the top along with being unique for a wedding celebration. A  Hollywood  theme wedding will allow you to be as glamorous, funny or dramatic as you wish while providing a relaxed and fun evening for you and your guests.

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