Hollywood Undead – Is This What Passes For Music These Days?


If you’ve never heard of  Hollywood  Undead until now I should really apologize for bringing them to your attention at this time.

They are a music group that has become one of the most popular “artists” on MySpace. This may be the single most damning fact of young people’s taste in music ever presented. Or at least one assumes they have become popular due to young people. It’s hard to imagine anyone over 15 listening to this music without breaking into uncontrollable laughter.

Why is that? Because as I wrote at the MusicByDay.com blog,  Hollywood  Undead is the worst music of all time. It is the combination of every cheesy element in popular music from the past 15 or so years. It’s some sort of ungodly mix of boy band music with “street” lyrics and screamo shouting.

And yet as I write this they are the #4 ranked unsigned “artist” on all of MySpace. Looking at the other top “artists” (and yes I insist on putting “artists” in quotes over and over again as it’s an absolutely ridiculous word to use to describe these folks) you can see that  Hollywood  Undead is certainly not the only one who sucks mighty. In fact it appears that only musical acts/groups that are incredibly bad have a shot at making the top artist list.

Garbage sells and it has for some time. I suppose that’s nothing new.

What is it that  Hollywood  Undead that sets them apart? What is it that has me writing articles about them? It’s that they are so unbelievably awful that one has to believe it’s some sort of joke. And yes I think there is some evidence that this is actually all an elaborate joke. A joke on the people that actually listen to this and think it’s real music. But then there still lies the issue. There are thousands, maybe even a million or more, people who listen to  Hollywood  Undead and think “this is really good.”

That concerns me greatly. I just don’t understand how this garbage can pass for really good music to these folks. Have they really not experienced any actual good music in their lives? That’s the only thing I can think of that explains it. For anyone who has heard real music,  Hollywood  Undead is laughable garbage. So these people must have never been exposed to it. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

Source by Leslie Loveface

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