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Home business ideas seem to be everywhere on the internet these days. However, amongst all the noise that you can come across on the internet, there are some very specific tools of the trade that you need to be using when you work from home in a home based business.

These tools of the trade will help your organization, communication, collaboration, marketing, help you leverage your time and more. More importantly, they will help you to sort and qualify your leads on auto-pilot. This means you can spend more of your time on leads that convert at a much higher rate instead of wasting time chasing those who simply are not ready for your product, service, or opportunity.

Just some of the tools of the trade you need include;

1) A business email address is extremely important. You need a business email address to keep your business emails separate from your personal email. You do not want to be distracted by personal emails when you should be focusing on your business.

2) An email auto responder is an important tool in that it allows you to build the relationship with your leads on auto-pilot. You can setup a series of targeted email messages that speak directly to your customer. You can even auto-fill your customers name in most auto responder services which allows you to add a personal touch and write your follow-up emails so they speak directly to your customer and their needs.

3) You also need a web presence on the internet, therefore, you need to find reliable website hosting. More and more people are going to the internet to search and find answers to their problems. This also includes searching for local businesses or services for help to their problem. A simple website with contact info will often pay for itself many times over and there are even free hosting services that are emerging in the marketplace that offer limited services but allow you to put up contact info and other content for your website.

4) The single most important tool you need to have for your business is a capture page. This typically is a form on a web page that your customers and visitors to your website can provide their name and email address to be added to your newsletter.

Having an electronic newsletter for your business is very important for your success. It allows your customers and leads to stay in touch with your business as you provide them with valuable information and any news as it relates to them and what you offer. You can send out coupons, announcements, and information that will help you to build the relationship between you and your customers.

With the emerging trends of social networking on the internet, it is becoming important to be active on these sites. At a minimum, you should be using network tools such as Facebook and video sharing sites such as YouTube to help connect your customers to you.

These tools of the trade only scratch the surface of what you need for your business but they do serve as a good foundation with which to build on.

Source by John Samiski

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