Home Business Ideas Under $100


There are plenty of home business ideas that require a very small investment. Nevertheless, you could waste a lot of time and effort if you don’t do some previous planning. You need to focus on a business activity that you love, one that makes use of your natural talent. This principle alone, will save you frustrations and will greatly increase your chances of success.

Home Based Business Ideas Under $100

Children’s Exercise Program – As you probably know, a high percentage of children today are overweight and most parents are aware of it. You can create a unique program and offer it at schools, day care centers, community centers, churches, etc. Help today’s youth to get back in shape.

Senior Care Provider – Baby Boomers represent almost 30% of the US population. You could help with the increasing demand for senior care and services. Some of the services you can provide are: companionship, running errands, therapy and even medical care.

Sell Your Crafts – The use of your artistic skills could be a great source of income. You can market all kinds of products such as: ceramic, pottery, ornaments, flower arrangements, etc. You should search for craft forums to get ideas on how to get started, create a network and/or get some tips from successful artists.

Cleaning Services – With the basic procedures and an organized routine, you can get your venture ready within a short time. You can start with private parties and then branch out with larger companies. Both usually provide you with the necessary cleaning supplies. Eventually you can get a license and increase your income.

Pet Services – Do you love animals? There are different services you can provide for pet owners such as “Dog Trainer”, Pet Sitting”, “Dog Groomer”, and “Dog Walker”. You can also take care of cats, birds, and other pets. To see for yourself how huge this market is, just type any dog service on Google and see how many search listings appear on your screen.

Virtual Assistant – You’d be and independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative, technical and other office services. You can assist clients in your area of expertise from your own office as an independent contractor. This is one of the fastest-growing areas and latest home based business ideas.

Internet Home Based Business Ideas

You should seriously consider building a website for any of the small home business ideas you select. The internet has an incredible potential and it’s getting cheaper and easier for you to create a website. Also, there are many ways for you to promote it inexpensively or even for FREE! (Read Effective Ideas to Promote Your Website for Free).

Think about it, your financial investment is minimal. You’re mostly investing time and work, but if you do it properly and consistently, your rewards could be hundreds or thousands of times larger than your efforts.

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