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The Pros and Cons of Avatars


The avatar is something which has become a normal part of life in the 21st century. We use an avatar generator on many of the websites we visit. But each time we create an avatar we enter a new body and we can adopt an entirely new personality. We also interact with other people’s avatars. […]

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New Technology of USB Software Protection Dongle – Secure Storage on Key


Over 20 years, legal protection for software has increased rapidly around the world, the technology and scope of enforcement of software protection continues to increase in varies methods significantly. The ultimate software protection is the hardware based software protection dongle, or we can call ..

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Who Invented Skittles?


Skittles were devised by a gentleman who was named, by no coincidence, Mr. Skittle. Mr. Skittle one day looked up at the rainy sky of England, and saw a rainbow arching over his house. His curiosity led him to think what a rainbow would taste like. This is where Skittles catch phrase comes from: “taste ..

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Enjoy Eating Healthy All Day


How can you start eating healthy at home? Anyone who has gone through the weight loss journey will tell you that for the most part, the struggle is with making healthy food choices. Since fast food and processed food are often associated with convenience, it’s hard to let go of old eating (and ..

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Always Use A Registry Repair Tool To Fix Your Registry Errors


Have you ever wondered why, after using your new PC for a few weeks or so, it becomes visibly slower with your continued use? That is because when your computer was still new, its Windows registry was still clean. All the data stored in your Windows registry consist only of the pre-installed programs ..

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Runtime Error 203 – What Does it Mean, How Can I Get Rid of it?


What is runtime error 203? If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably just experienced one. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal of information available online (as you’ve probably already noticed.) Fortunately for you, you’ve just found one of the few available pages ..

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Slow Internet Explorer? – Three Easiest Steps to Boost Internet Explorer


Tired of seeing your slow Internet explorer? It must be really frustrating to see that actually your internet connection is working properly and yet your internet explorer does not load any pages after couple of minutes. Before you kick your computer into the rubbish can, give it a try to speed up your ..

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Ideas for Re-Designing Your Existing Swimming Pool


Whether you are tired of the same old look of your pool or you want to enhance it to match the appearance of a newly constructed home or landscape, consider a redesign as opposed to a totally new swimming pool. Pools can be re-designed to not only save the money on the cost of demolition […]

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Unable to Load Dll Error and How to Fix It


Dll errors are one of the most common types of computer errors. They are also the most difficult to troubleshoot. If you’re seeing a message on your computer screen that says unable to load dll, chances are your registry may be to blame. There are 2 steps you can take to correct this issue. The […]

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Absorbent Drink Coasters – The Good, the Bad, and the Stains


People love absorbent coasters. They are some of the most functional home accessories that you can purchase. Acting as a shield, a barrier against stains, they soak up the moisture from a sweaty glass, and hold it within themselves, keeping water damage from spreading to your possessions. However the problem ..

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