Home Security DVR – Bring High Tech Home


With the cost coming down for the home security DVR systems, it has made it more affordable for more home owners to utilize this technology. This technology has been in use in business for some time know but out of reach for most home owners due to the cost.

The DVR stands for digital video recorder. This is the system that has replaced the old VHS tape recorders that most Americans are use to thinking that record security and surveillance areas. This type of recording takes less daily maintenance by eliminating the need for a tape to be replaced on a daily basis. The maintenance on the equipment is also reduced since the heads of the recording device no longer needs to be cleaned because it has been eliminated.

The home security DVR system does require a computer to be attached to the monitoring system. This is the replacement equipment. The camera feeds are now not only transmitted digitally but recorded digitally. If a time period is to be reviewed, all the home owner has to do is access the file of that specific time period.

The files are recorded electronically and are temporarily stored on the computer’s hard drive. This data can be either transferred to a disk or a flash drive for long term storage or deleted. This is the choice of the home owner.

If there was an intruder, the recordings and be easily emailed to a lawyer or law enforcement agency for prosecution. Unlike a tape that can be misplaced, the electronic files can have multiple copies easily made so no data can be lost.

As a home owner, you now have a choice to go high  tech  with the latest home security DVR system in your home and keep you and your family safe.

Source by Mark Q. Johnson

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