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Are you fascinated by tales of the Wild West? Do you idolize the brave cowgirls that were blazing trails and roping cattle shoulder to shoulder with rough and tough cowboys? If so, you’re sure to have a blast hosting a cowgirl movie marathon!

Hosting a cowgirl movie marathon is easy. All you need to do is invite some friends, serve up some Wild West themed grub and gather ’round the TV for some good, old-fashioned cowgirl entertainment. If you are feeling especially inspired, you could also have guests dress in cowgirl attire! Here are a few easy tips for planning your menu, choosing the perfect movies and even where to get some rustic cowgirl gear.

Setting Up Your Chuck Wagon

Typically for a movie marathon, one doesn’t necessarily plan an entire meal. Instead, be sure to have plenty of tasty snacks on hand. It’s always a good idea to have a balance of sweet and savory items to pick from. Some Wild West themed food and beverages that would work include: cactus cooler soda, lemonade, beer, tortilla chips and spicy cheese or salsa dip, beef or buffalo jerky, cinnamon churros, and empanadas. For an extra authentic touch you could serve drinks in mason jars and provide cowgirl bandanas for napkins.

Selecting The Perfect Movies

Here is a list of a few cowgirl movies that would work great for a cowgirl movie marathon. Of course if you have your own favorites, then you can show those.

1. Annie Get Your Gun 1950 – A musical with Betty Hutton playing the role of cowgirl extraordinaire Annie Oakley. This big budget musical was based on the Broadway hit with songs by Irving Berlin.

2. Pistol Packin’ Mama 1943 – Sally Benson, a westerner, is cheated by con-artist Nick Winner out of a large sum of money and so she pursues him to New York, where he opens a club with his ill-gotten winnings. Under the alias of Vicki Norris, she gets a singing job at the club and is able to win ownership of the club. A love triangle as well as other complications adds to the drama that ensues.

3. Two Gun Lady 1956 – Kate Masters aka Karen Marshall is a trick-shot artist who discovers the identity of the person responsible for killing her parents when she was young. When her true identity becomes known, she must face the killer in a gunfight.

4. Montana Belle 1952 – Jane Russell stars as Belle Starr in this fictionalized biography of the Montana outlaw. Belle meets the Dalton gang when they rescue her from a lynching. Bob Dalton falls for her, as does gang member Mac and wealthy saloon owner Tom Bradfield. As rivalries flair between these competing men, Belle shows her skill with shootin’ irons, horses and as a saloon entertainer.

5. Bad Girls 1994 – Starring Madeleine Stowe, Andie MacDowell, Drew Barrymore and Mary Stuart Masterson this film follows four prostitutes on the run following a justifiable homicide, who find themselves pursuing bank robbers after their money is stolen.

Achieving An Authentic Cowgirl Look

If you’ve decided to take this party to the next level by actually dressing up as cowgirls, then you’ll want to know where you can easily get some snazzy cowgirl threads and be able to tell your guests as well. There are lots of great resources available online for buying cowgirl costumes. You can easily shop in your spare time and have the products sent right to your door. Once you find a site you like, you can send the link to your friends and then everyone will be able to dress the part.

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