How Can I Live Longer? – Tips To Reverse The Aging Process


According to the National Institute for Statistics living longer is becoming easier all the time. How many newscasts begin with statements such as “The reason people are living longer is because of ‘Medical Science’ or ‘Modern Medical Miracles’ etc.

The question ‘how can I live longer’ assumes that the person wants a high quality of life where he or she can reverse the aging process. Living longer is linked to a determination to stay in control. Asked whether people living longer is good or bad for society overall, roughly half of all Britons said yes according to the ICM poll on behalf of The Guardian. Some 51% of Britons feel the biggest single impact of people living longer is likely to be felt on healthcare. Only 16% of Britons think that people living longer is a bad thing for society, the ICM poll on behalf of The Guardian suggests.

Reversing The Aging Process

Reversing the aging process has made marked progress, but this has not been matched by equal progress in improving quality of life. Medical researchers in anti-aging technologies could increase Americans’ average life expectancy in the near future from just under 80 years to 100. From 2010 on anti-aging technology already available such as cancer treatments, could increase lifespan one year every year. We should try to focus on the positive attributes that come with aging, as well as the negative ones. Anti-aging products are a multibillion dollar industry. Somebody once said that “the older you get the healthier you’ve been,” rather than “the older you get the sicker you get” Managing stress well is very important for reversing the aging process.


Medical researches have devised useful therapies for disorders that become more common with advancing age such as cancer and heart disease. Doctors are anticipating life spans of even longer than that with their “medical advances” of drugs, genetic engineering, etc. Thirty years ago, breast cancer was an automatic death sentence, but medical advances allow women with the disease to live longer.

What can we do to delay old age?

Research has shown that depression, living alone, loneliness, overwork, regret all play a negative role in the aging process and will certainly speed it along. Add to that financial problems and the inability to express anger and self criticism.

Delaying old age can be helped by a satisfactory long term relationship, job satisfaction and a happy sex life. If you have a regular routine plus the ability to make friends together with a good sense of humour, then these will play a decisive factor in reversing the aging process.


Diet is essential to living longer. Now, there is no need to take tons and tons of vitamins – you can find all these nutrients in several easy to take superfoods which will boost your immune system, your energy levels and protect you from aging.

Source by Robert William Locke

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