How Can I Take Advantage of Video and Mobile Internet Technology to Progress My Business?


Whilst the traditional domain of the website has been on a desktop computer, we have gradually seen a transfer to more and more laptops, or net books (computers optimised for lean efficiency on the go, and lighter to carry around). Whilst this has not posed a problem for a traditional website, we are seeing a transfer to a new kind of website, that is optimised to the mobile or portable phone. Whilst Global Mobile System (GSM) phones have been very popular, we are now seeing a growth in the combined GSM and computer phone, or smart phone as they are often referred to today.

Whilst this is a natural step in the mobility of technology on the go, it has had implications for website owners who want to ensure they have maximum exposure to the widest possible market for their products and offerings. You may well ask, “why this has caused a problem?” To best answer the question, it is important to consider the screen size on a smart phone is quite small. Some web pages may have too much clutter, and information, and thus, it could be expensive to download as well as difficult to see the page, without scrolling left and right, like you are looking at something through a small magnifying glass.

It is for this reason that more and more web designers are now looking at ways to optimise different sites to look natural, and easily readable on the portable devices. In addition to this, some websites now have extension, instead of and so on. However, it sometimes is easier to just take the most important part of the website and create a separate page optimised for the mobile device, and recognise that it may play a part in advertising, or possibly just introducing a potential client to a new product, and allow ‘proper’ access on a computer at home or in the office, at a later time.

The point here is to ensure that you are using every new technology at your disposal to ensure you are able to spread your message, as more and more people are taking to portable, and quicker ways to access the internet. The idea of surfing websites on a mobile phone a few years ago was unheard of, and whilst this may seem a complex issue on the one hand, it actually opens many more options for the marketing sides of business, when the opportunities are recognised, and implemented.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative process of generating income online, when used correctly. I have provided a free report on video marketing concepts. Like any skill, it takes effort and practice, yet the results are well worth the investment of your time, to ultimately lead to a passive income, when set up correctly.

Source by Marty A Cohn

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