How Do Oral B Sonic Brush Heads Work?


Electric toothbrushes first surfaced in the late 19th century, and were designed to assist people with motor skill problems. With time, electric toothbrush   technology  advanced, and wireless toothbrushes finally became available in the eighties. Lately, as  technology  and people become aware of the benefits of using electric toothbrushes, power toothbrushes have become available in various models and types.

The latest and most advanced  technology  in power tooth brushing is sonic toothbrushes. Braun’s oral b complete sonic brush is known to be exceptionally effective to removing plaque and maintaining healthy gums and teeth. It is important to know how oral b sonic brush heads really work.

Sonic  technology  is relatively new in toothbrushes but has already become the most effective  technology  in home teeth whitening. It removes stains and can make teeth noticeably whiter in just a few days. It uses sound waves and can clean even without direct contact of the brush with teeth.

Proper care and maintenance of teeth depends on how long we brush for, and how we brush. An electric brush removes some of load from our shoulders and helps brush teeth better and more accurately. Some oral b electric toothbrushes pulsate over 40,000 times a minute, this is impossible to do with a human hand! It is no wonder then, that oral b electric toothbrushes are so effective at plaque removal.

While all electric brushes provide extra help while brushing, the more advanced sonic toothbrushes have even more features, and it is possible to virtually customize your entire brushing experience. There are different cleaning settings to suit different needs.

An oral b sonic brush head can clean in two different modes. The first mode is the regular cleaning mode designed for every day cleaning. However, it is the second mode that is based on sonic  technology . This  technology  enables the brush head to vibrate and pulsate extremely rapidly; this generates sound waves and makes it possible to clean teeth even without physical contact!

The sonic toothbrush has revolutionized the world of dental health and hygiene, but how much you get from your sonic toothbrush depends on how well you use it. Like with any other electric toothbrushes, oral b sonic brush heads need to be replaced regularly in order to get the best out of your toothbrush. After all a sonic toothbrush is not exactly cheap, but when you consider the long term benefits of having healthy teeth and gums, it puts things in proper perspective!

Source by Julie-Ann Amos

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