How Do Single Parents Finance Parenthood?


Money is the number one single issue that comes between couples. When their is only one income for the family this issue is the first thing to consider. Worry about financial support for single-parent households screams inside the minds of the custodial parent. Most parents want their children to have every advantage money can buy, though the most important needs of a child are not purchased with money.

Men who provide financial support only cost women and children much more that they should pay in the end. These arrangements are not healthy. There are public resources available to collect child support. Women’s organizations, county attorneys (legal aid), and welfare departments will aid in collecting child support. Pregnant women should just get going on this process right away. Legal proceedings usually take more time than anyone can imagine and these resources are shared by other families in trouble.

Do not use lame excuses to procrastinate on getting the process started even before the baby is born. Prenatal expenses can be recovered. Pay for an attorney if possible, but watch for “ambulance chasers.” Some attorneys will seize the opportunity to collect larger fees for a pregnant, unwed or divorcing mother’s revenge on an ex.

Child support belongs to the child. States have rules for collecting this financial resource children justly deserve. No child deserves to live in the abject poverty a single income provides. Each state has its own formula to determine the amount due for the child as if both parents were present. Do not get emotional over the fairness of these formulas or let an ex manipulate the custodial parent out of what the child deserves. Be adamant and get paid. You and your baby need the money.

Child support does not arrive on time and many times, it is not paid at all. Single parents must plan ahead by saving even a few dollars at a time every time they have a little money. If you do this regularly, you will be amazed at the accumulation of your cash over time. Just make it a regular habit. When child support is paid save a portion of this income, also. Cash positions in family finance are the most powerful accounting arrangements for family and business. Cash is power. It’s not what you make that counts, it’s what you keep. It took the Great Depression of the 1930s to teach Americans the pragmatic and practical value of this adage. Learn from them.

Source by Robyn Ball

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