How Hypnosis Works in Real Life


Hypnosis happens in your life every day. When you think about hypnosis, you might project   Hollywood  movie when there is a charming gentleman playing his hands to bring his subject to do whatever he wants.

1.  Hollywood  Version of Hypnosis

In the  Hollywood  version of hypnosis we often see a villain with hypnosis power commanding his subject to do murder, robbery, revenge, or simply falls in love with the villain.

What a fascinating power! Imagine if you can have a power to make people follow whatever of your order, anywhere, any time.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have that power.

2. Hypnosis In Real Life

In real life, you can’t use the hypnosis like the villain does in  Hollywood  movie. You can’t command real-life subject to do what he/she doesn’t want to do. Maybe your subject says that she hates one man and wants him to die.

But deep down in her heart she doesn’t want that to happen, and if she is not a killer in her daily life, then you can’t command her to kill the man no matter what she has said.

3. But Still…

But still in some ways, hypnosis can be used powerful enough to influence the action of people. For example, if you have a crush with one girl, you can’t instantly come to her and tell her to love you.

But you can influence her mind to gradually like you. This is how hypnosis works. You can put association in her mind that you are the perfect prince for her. But this will not happen overnight.

Some hypnotists have developed their skills to the unimaginable level where they can command people they just met to sleep instantly in five minutes. For this you will need years of practices. But if you are persistent at the time you will become very good hypnotists.

Source by Vincent Segal

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