How is Your Health Being Compromised?


How many product recalls have you heard about?

How many stories have you read, about people getting injured or even dying from the use or consumption of certain products?

Corporations develop products, and we (the people) buy and use or consume those products based on the good old faith that if it is sold in stores it must be safe and sound. However, as you might or might not know the reality is far from it.

Hectic lifestyles leave little time to do in-depth research for every product we buy so we try to synthesize what we need to know from  health  publications, media reports, word of mouth, and the latest books, each offering advice – sometimes contradictory – to help us stay well while we try to live longer.

Many people still look to the governments as a source of information about what to eat, what foods to avoid and which products are safe to use. However, it has appeared that the governments are fraught with confusion dictates, arcane practices, ineptness and agency politics all of which impact our  health .

And the governments can only control the corporations and the products they produce to a certain point with laws and regulations, but then the money takes over and all of the ethics vanish. And how far can you take the law without affecting the economy too much? And what about imported products made elsewhere in the world? Who controls them? Can we trust those sources?

At no other time is it more important than now to open our eyes wide.

Since it’s out of our control to monitor what goes into making of the products we buy, we’re literally left with only two choices:

  1. We can expect to trust the product makers and governments and hope for the best, or
  2. Look out for each other.

As far as choice number 1, unfortunately, one of the major concerns that corporations have is meeting their bottom line, or in other words, making profit – lots and lots of it – even if it means making products that would compromise people’s  health  and wellbeing.

For an example, when looking at some of the reports across the Internet:

  • cancer-causing 1,4-dioxane was found in many personal care products sold in stores;
  • breakfast cereals marketed the most aggressively to kids were found to have the worst nutritional quality;
  • chemicals were found in the urine of babies which came from every day baby products;
  • hundreds of toys loaded with lead are still sold in stores;
  • air fresheners loaded with hormone-disrupting chemicals;
  • lead in lipsticks;
  • lead in toys;
  • dangers with birth control pills; and so on.

Unknowingly or knowingly, willingly or unwillingly, corporations continue to make all kinds of unsafe products for us to use and consume, even containing substances that can seriously affect our  health  and wellbeing and even cause death.

Since it’s out of our control as far as what is being put into the products we buy, and the governments can only do so much about it, one thing that we CAN control is the information flow, or in other words, to get the word out about a risky product as soon as it surfaces – to let others know about it.

This means that we’re literally left with choice number 2 – to look out for each other. Majority of the corporations are too concerned about their shareholders and how much money they can make, and the governments can only control it to a point. Hence, we end up with products that can seriously compromise our  health  and wellbeing.

Solution: Spread the word around about a bad product as soon as you hear about it. If we don’t look out for each other, the corporations will sell us any junk they could get away with.

Source by Steve Dimeck

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