How Much Difference Do School Uniforms Really Make?


Having interacted with a number of schools across America, almost every school student wanted an answer to this question. So, do school uniforms really make any difference and if so, what are the good and bad effects of making students wear uniforms. Let us debate on this controversial topic –

School uniforms are said to promote the virtue of professionalism. Wearing uniforms inculcates a sense of seriousness among the students thereby, taking the school work and studies much more seriously. Student, who has to wear uniform everyday to school, will not worry about his or her appearance or how smartly they are dressed or who is dressed better than whom today.

Then next important point to make is the sense of discipline that uniforms can instill among the students. At least, making the students wear the uniform, whether they want it or not is a start towards establishing discipline in their lives. Also, discipline is a necessity in school partly, because a teacher has to tackle a class of about 30 students at a time, and it would be ever so difficult if each and every student is unruly and undisciplined.

Also, there is one bitter fact that remains among children and teenagers. And that is differentiating and discriminating against those who are either financially not extravagant or who may not be as bright as others in studies or those who are different in appearance and such other criteria. Uniform helps spread a virtue of equality amongst the students, at least to an extent. Those schools which welcome casual clothes and do not enforce wearing of uniforms often witness great disparity between rich and poor kids. The rich might flaunt branded and posh clothes, and thereby inducing inferiority complex among the not-so-privileged children. Uniforms assert the important message that ones individuality, character and capability cannot be judged by mere clothes and brands. Every one is made equal and should be treated equally.

Wearing fashionable clothes of the latest fad can be quite distracting and distort the study environment of the school. Wearing uniforms ensures that children are in appropriate attires and helps curb unnecessary distraction that can be caused by outrageous fashion fads or revealing attire. This psychologically affects the children’s attitude towards studying for which schools are basically built.

Uniforms are never too costly and can be afforded by each and everyone, unlike the fashionable clothes. So, uniforms are very economical. Not to mention, uniforms are always designed to be comfortable and gives the student flexibility to indulge in physical activities such as sports or physical training.

The last but not the least, school uniforms instill a feeling of oneness and belonging to school and to each other, thereby, building the school spirit. This is perhaps the most significant contribution of a school uniform which any other type of clothing can never set to achieve.

The only objection cited against school uniforms cited is the suppressing of individuality and self-expression and often triggers a rebellious spirit among the students. And often the point which is brought up is that, a student’s attire or dressing has nothing to do with academics.

Source by Navjot Singh Tak

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