How New 3D TV Technology Will Change the Scope of Future Movie Making


The box office is on fire with 3D movies right now thanks to ‘Avatar’ setting the tone with it’s advanced 3D technology. Since then a lot of current films are out in 3D at theaters for us to enjoy and of course we anticipate the arrival of their release on Blu-ray disc so it can be a joy to watch 3d TV at home.

A lot of big Hollywood producers have been awaken to the fact that 3D is gaining popularity, even if the movie stinks the special effects of 3-D is enough to keep you watching. I just know a crop of “B” rated films will emerge with a weak storyline but have plenty of third dimensional effects, one genre in particular is Horror. Since the technology of 3D is nothing new and not a lot of work to implement, I can see plenty of blood and gore squirting off screen right in your shocked horrified face! Sounds like fun for those of us who love the art of horror movies.

Not only movies will be going 3D crazy but plenty of TV shows and video games, so pretty much anything visible and in motion will begin to emerge on the scene. There is even the possibility if 3D based blogs and websites coming in the future thanks to the film makers intriguing visions of the new enhanced 3D reality that has come into focus in their new way of producing motion pictures.

It will not stop there, I have read rumors of 3D video cameras for home use and editing software to support it. That can be done now but the newer technology will make it that more easier for the average “videophile” to make 3D home movies so the 3D TV technology will eventually come full circle.

Source by Marc Black

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