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Most people are under the impression that you have to take your PC to a repair shop for every little problem. While this can work for some people, it is better to get help that requires no wait, no trip, and immediate relief. This can be done through online computer support. Online computer support is a relatively new concept in the computer repair era, both in premise and function. By using software, phone or live chat options, PC repair consultants can help or solve your computer problems without even having to stop by your home or business. So, if you want to save time and money, here is how you get started with online computer support.

Your Problem

Your computer is acting strange, it’s glitchy and for some reason it wants you to buy products for unknown reasons; it happens. From here you need to decide how you want to contact your online computer support agent. You can do this by calling the computer support site or by using the computer support site’s chat room. When you are connected, your consultant will want to know these following things:

* What software system your computer is running

* What you would describe as the problem

* What you have done so far

* If you would like to be helped over the phone or through your computer directly

If you would like the consultant to do the work, they may direct you to install software which enables the consultant to work on your PC from their computer. This gives them free reign to understand what your problem is.

Diagnosis and Fee Evaluation

After your computer has been checked out, the consultant will tell you the problem, how it can be fixed and what it will cost. As opposed to an hourly wage, consultants work for one flat cost. Part of this assessment will include any implications it may mean on your computer.

In some cases, it is possible that your computer has picked up unwanted software and viruses, some of them more destructive than others. With stubborn viruses, this may mean clearing and resetting your computer to the original factory settings.

You have the option to have all your files backed up in the event that deletion is the only possible remedy. If the consultant has to make a big decision, you will be told what they want to do, how it affects your computer and what they can do to keep the fix convenient to you. It is important that you ask questions if you don’t clearly understand any of the details.

The Job

Online computer support agents will begin their work. They will ask the easiest way to contact you, so you can do other things while they work. Depending on the problem, it can take as little as ten minutes or several hours. Since most problems are routine, a good estimate can be arranged. When the job is complete, you should be able to run your computer with the problem fixed. Your consultant will explain what to do if for some reason a problem reoccurs.

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