How Real Was the Movie Traitor


The 2008 Hollywood spy thriller film ‘Traitor’ starring Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce in lead roles received mixed reviews. Box office collections were good but not great. There were no flaws in the story, direction, screenplay or acting then why did this film was not a super hit?

There are many reasons for this but the most important is that the film is filled with cliche’s. They storyline was not original and based on same old decade formula of terrorism. The audiences have seen so many movies based on the same concept that the movie ‘Traitor’ felt already seen. FBI is as usual shown the highest authority not only in America but other troubled countries also. Story about good Muslims and bad Muslims and how their leaders are misleading them into terrorism by using their faith against them. There is nothing new in this film, you cannot claim that you never seen it before.

What works for this movie is its ingenuity towards Muslim faith. The religion issue is always difficult to portray but the director have handled it well. The Muslim faith has been treated with utmost respect. The film even ends with the main character praying in the mosque.

Cheadle’s performance was praised despite the average reviews from various critics. The story moves quickly and the director knows what he wants to show which is indeed fascinating to watch. The realty deals with inner politics between different terrorist groups and how they execute their plans. The understanding about American invasion is still misunderstood by them. But the strongest holding point of this movie is definitely the fine performance given by Cheadle.

Source by Vikram Gill

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