How To Avoid Online Business Scams


Anything that leads you to believe that some online “system” will do all the work for you and all you have to. You would never just open up a shop and expect a flood of customers to walk through the door. It doesn’t work that way.

Many online businesses opportunity sites never deliver the services they promised. Here’s a tip: never give your credit card simply to prove that you are over 18. You could end up paying money without your consent. Also you should avoid buying into “bargain” packages stuffed with hidden fees or forced continuity programs. The good   news  is that there are some legitimate marketers whose main  business  is teaching others. But if you do your research, you will find pages and pages of independent information regarding that person.

How will you know if you are about to be scammed?

How do you know which home business opportunities are going to just take your money and run? Remember one thing, do not invest in a home business or “Get Rich Quick” opportunity before investigating everything you can about that organization. Home business scams every year rob unsuspecting victims of millions of dollars. Victims targeted include stay-at-home moms (and dads), the unemployed, students, the elderly, disabled people and people with low income.

There is no free lunch and there is no such thing as a get-quick-rich home business

Every real business requires hard work. Those who guarantee good money while sitting at home are scams. Now how to know if you are about to be scammed? Resist the urge to call that 1-900 or 976 number “to get more information” about that great job opportunity. If not, you will be paying for the call, often a minimum charge of about $35.00. The scammer gets the largest portion of the money from each incoming call, and you’re stuck with the phone bill.

Also, don’t be pressured to act now, or fooled by “false scarcity”. Any business that forces you to make a quick decision isn’t a business you should be looking for. Take the time to find out how long the company has been in business and whether there have been any complaints about their business.

Fraud is a crime

“Make Money at Home” or “Work at Home” fraud has increased each year for the last three years. If you do get scammed, although your investment may be gone, you may find some peace in letting others know about it. Talk to the right people, and the offending business may just end up being criminally charged and fined and others may be saved from your fate.

Recently there were 251 law enforcement actions taken against online scammers as a result of a year-long law enforcement effort targeting Internet scams. The top Internet scams were: multi level marketing, health care frauds, website design/promotions, discount travel, Internet auction fraud and work-at-home scams.

How do you know which home business opportunity is a scam and which is not?

The answer is simply to be careful. Be smart. If you avoid the kinds of offers discussed above and take necessary steps then you will be able to avoid scams. Work from home business opportunities, especially in the online world, are unfortunately one of the top scams today because people are so desperate for an extra paycheck each month. Make careful investigations when searching for a good online business to start.

Hard Work and Patience is the key

Source by David Gates

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