How To Avoid These 6 Making Money Online Hurdles


Challenge 1. No Money. People are always saying they have no money but if you want the success you will find a way to raise the money. You can start making money online with affiliate marketing, that way it is very cheap to set up and run and you don’t have to pay out to create your own product. By taking advantage of the free information on a regular basis for no cost from other successful marketers, you dramatically increase your chances of success. So join their lists and learn from them.

Challenge 2. Information Overload. I often like to eliminate this by telling the book store scenario. Have you ever walked into a bookshop and collapsed to the floor because of information overload? I am willing to bet the answer is none.

The reason so many of us are feeling this pain of information overload online is because we lack direction. In a bookshop you know what you want, so you head straight to that section or even that specific book. But online you perhaps don’t know exactly where you’re going to find this information, so all data is potentially relevant to you and you get bombarded with loads of it.

The solution is to unsubscribe to emails you don’t want as these will distract your attention and take away your focus. Also I suggest you turn off your mobile phone whilst working, as this can be a major distraction.

Challenge 3. Not delivering on promises. Over the years there have been some scam artists however not delivering as promised, but not everyone is like that and there are some very genuine people making a lot of money online. Many people have been scammed so many times they’ve become cynical of gurus and the internet lifestyle.

I can totally understand that concern, but at the same time they are letting it destroy there dreams. Be optimistic and if someone does not seem real ask them for proof of earnings and testimonials. You must believe in your self and take massive consistent action to get the success you deserve.

Challenge 4. Don’t have a website. When you start out you will need a website and just because you are not technical does not mean you can’t make money online. You can always outsource this part of your business to other more experienced experts.

Challenge 5. Launch and product overload. It seems more and more products are coming out all the time and as my own personal network expands online, I am meeting more and more people with quality products.

Many people complain that marketers just do product promotions. Yes that’s what a Marketer does. They find a Market and then they help the people in that market overcome a particular problem by providing them with a solution product. That’s their job and is your job too.

Challenge 6. Don’t have the time. This is the biggest hurdle from people saying I have “No time”. This is often an excuse for not getting what you want. You have to find the spare hours and make time for it in your life. If other people can do this then so can you. Don’t let yourself wonder into excuses, just take action.

Source by Mark Healy

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