How to Be Your Best As a Nail Technician


Why do some salons have a full client list and others don’t? Some may say its because of the standard of work produced at the salon? Some may think it’s the prices? Others may feel it’s the location?

I believe something else and I would like to tell you a bit of what I think gets clients into one salon over another.

I have always had very busy Nail Salons wherever I have started one up. Different towns, different locations -hair salon, beauty salon, independent and at home- it hasn’t really made much difference to my success so I would like to take out of the equation that the LOCATION of your business makes a difference to clients.

The prices at my Nail Salons have always compared with those in the area and sometimes exceeded them. So I don’t feel a low price is always a big drawcard to discerning nail clients. (I’m not talking about the one off clients or special occasion clients here but the clients that are long term and devoted to your salon.)

I’m sure you have seen Nail Salons where the work is not high quality and yet they still seem to get a lot of clients? There are 2 types of salons here-

1. The first are the Nail Bars where the service/work is not a good standard as a whole but the clients that go there want a fast, convenient job. With more education for our clients they would stop going to places that cause damage to their nails.

2. The second type are the Nail Technicians who have finished their training and who are set up independently, are not at a high standard of work yet and still get a full client list!

It can be really frustrating sometimes if you are a Nail Technician with a very high standard of work and struggle to get clients over these other salons! I urge you though-don’t give up just yet!

The main reason for achieving my full client lists with ease? I believe clients come to see YOU! The clients that followed me everywhere I went, the ones that would travel 3 hours for a 1 hour appointment and the clients that wouldn’t even have considered going somewhere else, all came to see me. Sure, my work was great too, and the superb customer service, but honestly, they loved coming to chat with me for an hour!

So it is really important to relate to your clients. If it doesn’t come easily to you (which I find hard to believe if you have chosen nails as a career ) I would suggest you keep up to date with current news items, neighbourhood happenings and stay alert for useful tidbits of information that may help someone else! It is also very important to remember what is happening in the lives of your clients. This is easily done, either by memory or by writing notes on client cards.

Give your clients the best time ever when they come to see you for an appointment and I can assure you that not only will they keep coming back, they will bring all their friends too!

Yours in Nails:-)


Source by Patricia Rock

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