How to Become a Cartoonist


You can earn a good living and become famous by becoming a cartoonist. Cartoon is a popular form of fine art. These days the art has spread all over the world. Newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies and animation studios hire cartoonists. To become a successful cartoonist you need to have some requirements.

First of all, to become a cartoonist you need to have a good skill of drawing. Without drawing skills, you can’t become a cartoonist as cartooning is a graphic art. To hone your cartooning skills, you need to spend time on learning to draw well. Learning to draw takes many years of practice. The reality is that drawing is a tough art to master and you need to be patient to learn the art.

Another important factor in becoming a cartoonist is to have a good sense of humour. If you can’t see humour in everyday life then you can’t become a good cartoonist. A cartoonist should be able to find funny elements in a situation. A cartoonist can make others laugh only if he can find a situation funny. Sadly, a sense of humour is a natural talent and it is difficult to improve it beyond a certain level. You can sharpen your sense of humour by reading books and watching movies of good quality humour.

Another important factor to become a cartoonist is to have vast knowledge about the world. If you plan to make comments about the current affairs then you need to have deep knowledge of what is happening all over the world. If you do not plan to become a political cartoonist, even then general knowledge is very important. If you do not understand things well then you can’t make statements about them. It is seen that many people can draw well but don’t know what theme to make cartoon about. If you read newspapers and keep up to date about current affairs you will find plenty of issues to make fun of.

It is interesting to see many people having one or two of the qualities but not all requirements for becoming a cartoonist. I have personally seen many people just knowing how to draw, without a sense of humor and general knowledge. I have also known people with drawing skill and sense of humour but no knowledge of world affairs. It should be noted that unless you have all the requirements you can’t become a good cartoonist.

Source by KV Gautam

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