How To Become a Technology Guru in No Time


What is the secret to mastery of technology? And how can you use it to become an expert very quickly?

The answer just might surprise you, and it’s found in the fundamentals of learning any language.

The Little Things Count

When you are faced with a new computer program, or a new phone, or a new technology system you need to master, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of the sheer volume of things you simply don’t know. But stop right there! Everyone was a beginner once – even the most amazing gurus! So what can you do to make mastery easy?

Start with learning the key, foundational shortcuts or concepts that are universal to the technology you are using – and repeat those foundations often.

For example, if you are learning how to use your computer and you want to become an expert at it, start by learning the universal shortcuts that work everywhere on the system.

To open a file, for example, you use the shortcut Control + O on the Windows computer system; it’s Command + O on the Macintosh system.

What will learning and mastering that one simple shortcut do for your life? Not much, probably! But don’t stop there. What you want to do is leverage the amazing power of synergy to catapult your results to the stratosphere.

Here’s how it works.

Once you learn 2 or 3 shortcuts, you’ll find that you are reaching for your mouse less and less often – and keeping your hands on the keyboard more. As you add a few more shortcuts – say up to 10 or so, something amazing and magical happens. Your tiny little results begin to merge to create something super fantastic – a synergy of speed and facility that literally transports you into the guru category very quickly!

Of course this sounds too easy, doesn’t it? I’m not suggesting that learning 10 shortcuts on the computer or the technology you are trying to learn will instantly make you an expert at the whole thing. But I am suggesting that mastering the universal basic tricks, and using them consistently, makes your results multiply in ways you would not expect!

As a little gift, here are a few of the universal mastery shortcuts you will want to know to make this happen on the computer:

Windows: Control + F4 (function key) closes files

Mac: Command + W closes files

Windows: ALT + F4 (function key) quits applications (“a” for applications!)

Mac: Command + Q quits applications

Windows: Control + P prints files

Mac: Command + P prints files

Use these wonderful tricks as a starting point, and then once you have these under your fingers and can use them without thinking about it, learn about 10 more. You will quickly find yourself in the mastery stages of your computer, with just a little extra time and effort! This is the power of synergy at work, and your productivity will skyrocket.

You’re welcome.

Source by Michael J Phillips

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