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Total Productive Maintenance a new maintenance strategy is being implemented effectively in many organizations worldwide. But at the same time, some organizations are unable to get the full benefit from its implementation. The reasons behind this some key elements are missing during its implementation. To get full benefits from it following key factors must be taken in to account.

Strong Leadership and Top Management Commitment

The implementation requires top management commitment throughout deployment period. Top management provides necessary resources for its implementation. If top management is not committed for its implementation, no fruit can be obtained from it.

Organizational Infrastructure

For proper implementation, organizational infrastructure must be aligned with the requirements of the concept. There should be one leader and other key players must be identified for proper implementation.

Company Cultural Change

Each and every employee of the organization must be willing to adopt this new philosophy and support implementation team and not to resist. Top management must play key role for organizational cultural changes, as this is the most difficult phase.

Training and Development

Education and Training is very much necessary for application of any tool in any organization. But one thing is that first identify the needs of training and then finalize the contents of training. Next step will be the resource person for training delivery. And here again management commitment is needed for providing resources and soaring man power for the training.

Selection of Implementation Projects

Team leader must identify the areas or department, where Total Productive Maintenance will be first applied. A haphazard approach can lead to failure. Areas that need more improvement or where potential of improvement is high should be selected at top priority. Then improvement achieved may be communicated to other departments for their motivation and involvement.

Linking to Performance or Remuneration Reward

Linking performance in TPM implementation to employee’s promotion and reward will enhance motivation and results improvement. Many companies are linking their reward system with improvement initiatives. For example General electric is linking 30% of annual salary review of employees to their improvement initiative’s performance.

Linking to Suppliers

It is good practice to involve suppliers in Total Productive Maintenance implementation initiative. The purpose is to educate and train them in the principles and ultimately they can fix and eliminate their problems and can provide good quality products. Also this will enable supplier to supply good quality products on time and in appropriate quantity.

Information Technology Infrastructure

An implementation requires an effective monitoring system from top management, because they provide necessary resources and carry out strategic decisions. So, an effective Information Technology Infrastructure is very much necessary for effective decision making from top management.

Involvement of Finance Department

Finance department should be involved from starting phase of the implementation, so that the input resources and benefits obtained can be tracked down. The project will be only feasible, if the benefits are more than input.

Total Productive Maintenance implementation is not one day solution, but it is a long term action plan. So, companies need not to hurry for getting benefits but be patient. Once it is applied with proper manners, top management’s commitment and necessary resources, it will surely give benefits.

Source by Oskar Olofsson

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