How to Clean Your Computer – Without Causing Damage


Everyone is searching for the solution to keep their computer operating at high performance. And, there are many tactics that each of should use, right down to a high performance anti-software. However, many of us overlook the simple fact that our computer, just like anything else in the home, needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the computer and it components will keep your computer functioning properly and from spreading germs.

The environment of you computer is important, and keeping it in a clean environment is vital to your computers performance. The regularity of cleaning will depend on how dirty your computer becomes. There are a few considerations that will affect your computer such as the type of environment it is in. Is it in a home? Do you smoke at your computer? Does the dog shed? Is the computer on the floor? Do you have an unusual amount of dust? Obviously, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you are going to need to be cleaning your computer a bit more often.

To start, turn off your computer before cleaning. Begin by wiping your computer with a clean dry cloth. Do not add liquid to your computer. We will later clean the computer with Endust for Electronics. Use a vacuum to clean your keyboard and the outside of your computer- BUT DO NOT USE A VACUUM ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR COMPUTER TO CLEAN IT! To clean the components within the computer begin by referencing your owner’s manual. If there are specific instructions than follow the instructions. If there is not then gather the following supplies and follow the instructions in this article:

A can of compressed air, Endust for Electronics, a soft brush such as a paintbrush, and a anti-static rag.

Disconnect all peripherals from your computer and remove the computer cover. Touch a metal part of the chassis to ground yourself. Place something between the fan blades to keep them from moving and spray the compressed air on the blades, the power supply chassis, the drive chassis, and circuit boards. Using your soft brush, gently brush off any remaining dust. Brush the dust from the bottom of the chassis as well. Spray Endust for Electronics on your rag and wipe the inside and outside of the computer cover.

Once you have wiped the computer down, replace the cover and put your supplies away! It is vital that you do not use a regular household solvent when you clean your computer. This can damage the computer and cause its components to fail.

Schedule regular cleaning of your computer. When you begin to see a gathering of dust on the outside it is likely that it is on the inside as well and your computer needs cleaning. If your computer is still under warranty or you have a maintenance plan on your computer, the manufacturer may provide cleaning for your computer. Read your agreement. If cleaning is covered, definitely send it in to be cleaned, as this is the best option.

A clean computer case will keep the internal components cooler, thus making it last longer with fewer problems due to the reduced heat.

Source by Bruce E Kelly

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