How to Close That Sale


I wrote this Article to help people who are having difficulty closing deals within a particular field.

So if there is reference to certain company names or things, please ignore them and use the material for what you need it for. After all selling and closing is more or less the same in any sales environment.

Isn’t that true ? This particular field is E Lottery Syndicates if you want to know more go to

Now most of you out there, you are looking at this and probably many other ideas for making extra money because you are dissatisfied with, either what you have, as a job, or what you get as an income.

The highest paid people in the world believe it or not are sales people.

For every six people employed, there is one sales person causing those six people to remain employed.

So there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are thinking of becoming a sales person, or as in this case a networker. But you still need to learn some basic skills in order to close sales or sign up your prospects.

One of the hardest things to do in any selling , marketing or Networking Arena, etc. is finding people. Everyone you meet should be that right person, until they show you sufficient reasons why they are not.

Would these be like minded people ( like you ) that are motivated the same as you and want the same things as you ?

This is where you are totally wrong.

No one person out there thinks the same as you or wants the same goals as you. Their thoughts may be similar, but that’s as far as it goes.

For example, they may like going on holiday, like you do, but their idea of a holiday probably is totally different to yours.

This is where your new skills come into being. Sifting through and finding the ones that want it. And the ones that do not.

So how do we sift out the ones who we can either sell to( sign up) or prospect to come into this business.

In my experience, 15 years selling Insurance and I have also sold kitchens, water filters, Amway products and the Amway business, reaching ‘Emerald Direct’ , before it all went tits up. I found that every person you come into contact with is a potential prospect……So I have a bit to share with you.

Never pre-judge.

Some of this stuff has been forgotten and was laying in the archives until I had conversations with my upline. I also researched a lot of stuff on the Internet. The crazy thing is it all came back to what I’d been taught, learned , gathered in and stole from others over the years, that had fell dormant through lack of use.

What I’m about to share with you is simple, its the old adage KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Selling anything is like following a road map, or road signs.

Basically you need a map and an objective.

Otherwise you will end up going round the houses, not knowing which route to take.

When we are promoting a product (VWD or whatever) we are in fact selling IT.

There is nothing complicated about selling something.

You just need to establish a need.

So how would you do that ? Simple ……………………………..Ask.

Its no use blabbing on about how good this is if your prospect doesn’t need it.

Asking questions will nearly always get you to a need and then a close. It may not always make the sale, but if you ask the right questions, your closing rate will improve.

All you do is look for the signposts, from the answers you receive.

You have two ears and one mouth……….use them in that order.

Most people are ‘Teller Sellers’ What’s that ? you ask. Well, all they do is spout on about the product. Giving tons of figures and calculations, how it will change their lives, never once asking the prospect how they would like to change their life. Politicians are good at that, that’s why they are so unpopular.

Many people who think they are salesmen/women are really just order takers.

They walk into the Newsagents or where ever and take down orders for Mars bars or Cigarettes.

Computer Sales people are like this, go to PC World if you don’t believe me. They will tell you anything to make the sale, from experience they will even lie. The trouble is it always backfires on these people. The product is returned and the commission is taken back.

This happens in the insurance business also, some of these people never learn, so they quit. What a shame, all that enthusiasm wasted. Mainly due to the lack of understanding of how to keep your ears well open and your mouth well shut.

The one important time you need this advice, is at the close, I used to call it the ‘Salesmans Prayer’

You ask for the business, and then shut up. The next one to speak is the buyer. If you speak first you will over sell and the ball is back in your court. By being silent your prospect has tomake a decision, there is no two ways about it, they have to. Its the law.

Lets just recap a little.

1) Your goals & dreams are not the same as others.

2) Keep it simple KISS

3) Establish a need, ASK Questions

4) Look for signposts LISTEN

5) Two ears one Mouth, Ask then SHUT IT.

End of lesson One.

There is Method in The Madness

Lesson Two

You ” What’s your favourite sport, is it the same as me, rugby ?”

Them ” No, its football. I can’t stand rugby.”

You ” Did you see how Mc Tavish scored that try for Scotland over the weekend ?”

Them ”I told you I don’t like rugby, I never watch it.”

You ” Yeah, but you should, its a great game, I played it for years you know.”

Them ” Bye bye.”

Can you see why they say ”Bye bye”?

Yet we all do it in normal everyday conversation.

I was talking with a lady the other day, she sells big ticket houses for a well known building outfit. We got onto the subject of sales jobs. Well, every time I tried to ask a question about her job she went into reams of information about ‘nothing’, basically. I tried several times to bring her back to the initial subject, but it was hopeless. Every time I started a sentence she jumped in and changed the subject. I thought to myself, ‘how on earth does this woman sell anything to anyone’ . To get a word in edgeways would have been nice. I mean she was a very nice lady, but she had only one ear ( that wasn’t working very well ) and two mouths that were fully functional.

So what should we do ?

1) Dig a little. Ask some (not personal) questions.

2) Find out a few things. Family, hobbies, work.

3) Compliment them on their thoughts. ”That’s great what you do, I’d be no good at that’, how on earth do you do it, I would find that so difficult.” etc. etc.

( Enjoy what they do )

4) Find out what they want, when they want it by. This takes time and should be timed to suit the situation.

5) Ask and then LISTEN and remember what they said. There is nothing worse than when someone introduces you to some one else, and a few minutes later they say ” What’s your name again ?” ”What did you say you do for a living ?”

That is so frustrating, because you know then that they either were n’t listening, or they were just plain not interested in you.

People love it when you ask them about themselves. All of us are basically selfish. We want to express our opinion to and on others, we think our advice will always be taken on board and put into practise by every Joe and Mrs. Bloggs we meet.

Not so, I hear you say, but I ‘ll bet my next weeks commission you’ve done it.

You won’t admit it. But I bet you have.

So, how do we overcome this ? ‘Cos, believe me when you do, your life will change.

End of lesson Two

Lesson Three

We’ve talked upto now about LISTENING.

But we have to ask the right questions. How do you dig into someone’s personal, financial situation in order to find out what they want. And let me repeat that WHAT THEY WANT.

Notice I said ‘they’ and not ‘you’.

Every situation is different. You must gear your questions to their needs.

I have never yet come across anyone who could not use extra money, a second income, a residual ongoing, income, paid every month, whether you physically work or not. (This is the carrot you are building upto ) No matter how wealthy a person is, they ‘re always looking for some more. The richest ones are sometimes the greediest.

You must gear your questions to that persons situation.

Money is just a tool. Its bits of paper that guarantee you a ticket to wherever you want to go and to do whatever you want to do. Lets face it if you could print it, it would n’t be rare.

Most people, especially women, see things, not money, in there dreams.

So, we must turn that cash into something tangible. Of course financial freedom is a good tangible reason isn’t it ? Is it though at this stage of the game?

Lets look at this first before we go in all guns blazing, promising a Porsche or a Ferrari sitting just around the corner after just signing up. That would be deadly, because the first thing they will come back at you with, will be, ” Why are you still doing this then ?”

Lets start small and build up. ” If I could show you a way , how you could put a few extra pounds in the bank towards that lovely holiday, car, clothing, you’ve been telling me about, would you be interested ?”

I cannot put words into your mouth during this exchange, but I will help later when we get closer to the crunch (The Close).

ASK for it, go on dont be afraid, what did your mum always say, ” If you don’t ask you’ll never get.”

”If I could show you a way?” What a powerful question that is. Can you memorise it.

In our business, its no use showing people luck. Show them a way, backed up by a good sound idea, followed by good help and support then you have a winner. So, lets get this into proportion. We do not go to war unless we have a full arsenal of weapons and ammo, do we ?

Lets Recap a little,

1) We need to know what, how and when to ask certain questions.

2) Memorise the important trigger questions, that work for you.

3) Remember what their reply was. Don’t be a bore and have to repeat the question.

4) Once you’ve established their first goal, ”If I could show you a way..?”

5) Don’t show overboard ambition. Ferraris etc.

Once youve established their objective/s and they’ve agreed that you are the expert who is going to show them how to do it. Whats your next move ?

a) Jump straight in and ask them to sign ( one in 2000 will). If they want to sign straight away fine.

b) Ask them to ring you when they’re ready.

c) Make an appointment with them at their house.

d) Get their phone number and tell them you will get back to them soonest.

(a) and (b) definitely not, however.

If they request (c) then fine, otherwise go for (d) this way you keep control. Especially if they have a partner who is not present at the initial questioning.

It is then upto you to appear organised, disciplined and business like, to note down their details in a neat and tidy diary or note book, then saying , ”I am extremely busy over the next few days. But I will be in touch with you to make an appointment,( Don’t forget to ASK.) ”IS THAT OK ?”

The pressure is now all on him/her.

Great you’ve just closed the first part of the deal. Now don’t oversell it.

SHUT IT and wait for the reply. You should always get a YES answer to this question.

because they are of the hook in a temporary sort of way.

End of Lesson Three

Lesson 4

You are now about a 10th away from a sale or a sign up.

Lets quickly move on.

I don’t particularly like role play. In fact I hate it, but for you to be a success at this or any selling or mlm business you must practise, practise, practise.

I practised on the public when I sold insuance, well that was what it seemed like, during the first 3 months, because I didn’t sell much. But that practise paid me back, as the ‘yes’ answers

became more frequent, my tecnique got better and better until I rose to the ranks of 5th best salesman in the company, in the UK within the following sales period.

Now when you start with VWD you are issued, not only with your Lottery Numbers and your membership number but also with a presentation folder and a DVD.

Remember, it shows you good things, like how to present your product and how to sign people up.

This is were your prospect is going to either say ” Wow, this is brilliant sign me up, I can do this when do I start.” or ”What the ‘ell are you talking about I dont follow this.”

And this is where you say ”Beam me up Scotty” .

Remember KISS. At the beginning ?

This is presuming you have managed to make the appointment. You are at their house, and everythings set to go. Tell them exactly where you are in the business. Tell them the truth, you are still learning it, and you don’t fully understand how the syndicate works, but it does because our group keeps winning. But the good news is everything is on the DVD.

If they have the internet, you can impress them by going to your Guest Page and show them the presentation there.

Don’t make it complicated, don’t invite negative questions. If you cant answer a question say you’ll come back to them with the answer later.

Try to answer questions with questions, now this takes a lot of skill and practise and will be covered later.

When you get to the end of the DVD or Guest Page presentation what do you say, ” What do you reckon to that then ? ”

Don’t think so !

You are now about to suss out how much was understood. This is where most people need a little help, a little shuv. I call it count down to a decision.

Ask a series of positive questions that require a positive response. And then close with a positive statement.

For example. ” You can now see why we are so excited about this, either you can join as a player and expect to win more frequently, or join like most people do, join as an Afilliate Player and make a second income as well. which would suit you best ?”

You are in effect giving two choices. ONE ” You can join as………. ” or TWO “LIKE MOST PEOPLE DO, join as ………”

In this game there is NO ” Would you like to join or not “

In other selling fields this could be interpreted as follows………………..

Other examples of this question ……….. “We sell these in 12s and 24s, which would suit you best”? ……………..

We do the 6 months membership at £15, but if you do LIKE MOST PEOPLE and take the annual membership is works out £28. Which would suit you best”?…………….

Getting the idea ?

The next question is “I guess like most people when they join, you would like the Euromillions as well, OK?”

Be assumptive, be brave and strong, they very rarely bite.

Body Language & Closing

Some people reject this as a fallacy. I used to think it was something invented by the likes of Froid, and probably, like you I laughed at it at first. Then I learned something very important from one of the best , no, not one of the, THE BEST Salesman in the world .

W. Clement Stone. His secret armoury included the secret of the Power of the Eyes.

Which really isn’t a secret at all. We all do it every living moment of our awake lives. We give away our secrets through our eyes. But we also register our reactions in our eyes from what we see in other peoples eyes.

If you look someone straight in the eyes and say ” Which one is best for you ?” and then with your finger, or pen is better, hold that pen in front of them, and as you are saying “which one is best for you “? guide their eyes by moving the pen and your eyes, towards your presentation, and then point to the 2 choices. And then SHUT UP and wait. (salesmans prayer) (next one to speak will buy) Don’t let it be you.

They, 99 times out of 100 will say “That one ” and point to their choice.

BINGO you have closed them.

At this stage they commit, you start filling in basic details on your application form.

But as you do so………..

You can go to stage two of your close and looking them straight in the eyes, say” Most people, when they join go for the Euromillions as well , I’ll do the same for you also, OK ?”

(Then, and this is where your tummy starts to wobble and you could if you are not careful, you could have a nervous breakdown, because your excitement level is now about 1000 times higher than theirs. You must hold on a bit longer before the fireworks start, the brass band comes into the living room, theres a fly past of the Red Arrows )

This is were you have taken a very big liberty. You have decided for them. But this time you don’t look up, if you look up at this point you are doomed, you don’t say another word, you just start filling in the rest of their details. If they stay silent for the next few moments BINGO again……………… Stay calm, as if you”ve done this thousands of times before, its normal, everybody is joining remember.

Go then straight to UK and Euromillions and tick the boxes. This is the stamp of approval, there’s no going back. Its the road to no return. Whatever you do now, do not over sell, don’t invite questions at this stage, once everything is done then you can relax and invite questions.

End of Lesson 4

Lesson 5

How to overcome an indecision.

Or a “I ‘d like to think about it”

Many new sales people crumble at this point and agree and then leave.

Once this has happened, try and get back in if you can at a later date. You see, they will have taken control and you will never, never get it back.

To me this is a signpost on the map saying ” I’m not sure whats around the corner, give me some more information, so that I can decide for sure”

This is when I get out a sheet of paper and start asking a few questions.

” Is there something I have not quite covered ?” answ. “no”

” Was there something you are unsure of ?” answ. “no”

” Are you happy with everything we have discussed ?” “yes”

” Is the cost per month OK with you, considering after a short period you will effectively play for free ?” “Thats OK”

“Then there must be something else thats not been covered properly, can you tell me what it is ?”

answ…….”Well, its introducing others I’m not sure about that.”

Write this on your paper and say ” Is this the only thing thats bothering you ?”


“Are you sure, because we don’t want a crisis to break out ” answ…..”Yes”

Now Underline that statement on the paper so they see you do it. Then say

” Are you definitely sure thats the only thing ?”


And then say…….” If I can I can show you how to do this and overcome this challenge can I include you in the syndicate ?”

answ ……………”Yes”

Start filling in the paperwork. Assume closed. Stay closed. Don’t look up.

Don’t say another word. Except, ask their details.

Hope this helps. It did me on many occasions.

Source by Malcolm Carrison

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