How to Collect Art


Collecting  art  has always been a popular hobby. Many think that only the rich and wealthy are able to put together a great  art  collection, but this is not always true. Many people often wish they could start an  art  collection but are often intimidated by just the thought of it. Below are some personal tips that can make the process easier for you.

What Should I Buy?

Be sure that the piece of  art  is that you are going to purchase is a piece that you personally like and that you are not just buying it because it is the “talk of the town.” Many people will just buy something because it seems popular to others or they may even see someone buying the something that is similar. Make sure that piece means something to you and you will never regret the purchase.

Visit Several  Art  Galleries

Visiting many  art  galleries in or around your location, will give you a chance to see what all is available on the market. It will help you get a better understanding on what style(s) that you personally like. If you happen to live in a rural or little city with no  art  galleries around hop on the internet and take a look at some of the galleries online. Many will let you purchase the piece without you ever having to step foot in a gallery. Although seeing the piece in real life allows you to get close and personal with it, allowing you to view every detail and see every brush stroke, which helps the true beauty of the painting shine through.

Get involved in the  art  community

Most galleries will have a mailing list of some sort. Joining these mailing lists can be a great thing. Whenever the galleries get new paintings or stumble across a great artist, they will many times send out a brochure or post card, featuring that artists work. This is a great way to find new pieces of  art  for your collection. They will also inform you of any gallery shows that are coming up in the near future, giving you a chance to appear and possibility meet many other collectors with the same interests as you.

Try Finding Local Artists

A great place to find cheap and very good  art  is in your local area, especially if you live in a smaller area where the artists may not have many opportunities to show their work. Non-profit  art  centers in the community usually have some great and talented young artists.

If you happen to have a University or College in the area, this is a great place to visit as well.  Art  students are always hungry to show and possibly sell their work to get there name known. These schools normally have a few good  art  shows per year and normally the quality of work is outstanding, and again the prices are very affordable, as the artists are hardly known. Purchasing a piece while the artist is in school could turn out to be a gold mine, if the artists where to ever become a big name.

Follow a few of these tips, and before you know it you will have a huge  art  collection in no time.

Source by Nate Westee

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