How to Dance With Stars


We have watched and adored Michael Jackson, Shakira, Martha Graham, Hrithik Roshan, Prabhu Deva, Madhuri Dixit as they danced their ways into our hearts. Most of us would have even imagined dancing with them! Why not? After all that’s how dreams are supposed to be, right? Talking of songs and dance, how can one forget our own   Bollywood  that produces more than 2500 songs every year! The very fact that the likes of Kylie Minogue (Blue), Pussy Cat Doll (Jai ho), Tata Young (Dhoom), Snoop Dog (Singh is Kinng) , Rozzaa Catalano (Shaurya) have shaken a hip in  Bollywood  dance sequences proves the latter’s international appeal.

Given the worldwide popularity of  Bollywood  dance numbers, many of us would want to be dancing queens and dancing sensations.

Here are few steps to help you dance with the stars.

o Train yourself:

This can be done either through a training school or through self-learning. There are number of professional dance training institutes in major cities and towns. If you don’t have access to such institutes, you can watch  Bollywood  dance videos and practice for yourself.

o Bollywoodize yourself:

Watch more and more  Bollywood  dance sequences. Experiment with different genres like folk, classical, fusion, party, etc. Try the movements by standing in front of a full-length mirror and make sure each move transitions nicely into the next. Sometimes it’s not just about the dance movements, foot work and synchronization. You might need to simulate the mannerisms of the dancers/actors too in order to retain the original flavor of the song.

o Shoot yourself:

No! Not with a gun but with a camera! Video record your dance moves with the help of webcam/handy cam/ camera cell phone. Watch it and analyze. Don’t be hesitant to ask for opinions/ criticism from your family or friends. Try to rectify your mistakes, better your pluses and be confident.

o Sell yourself:

After you have received and worked on feedback, record your dance moves again. This time upload them on popular online talent sites. Now share your videos within your network and try to expand your network because the more your videos is viewed, the more are your chances of being popular.

The most important thing one must remember about dancing with stars is that they should be confident of their capabilities. It’s natural to be star-struck and getting carried away with the stars’ glittering presence but one must concentrate on the music and corresponding dance moves. Dance as if that was the only chance for you to prove your dancing skills.

And last but not the least, learn to enjoy yourself. Don’t dance as if it was a corporal punishment. Let your soul feel the music. Let your heart dance.

Now go put on your dancing shoes!  Bollywood  is waiting.

Source by Rohan Singh

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