How to Design a Perfect Business Plan Layout to Kickstart Business Growth


You may be a start up organization in need of a  business   plan  layout to drive you towards success. Or perhaps you are a Solo home based entrepreneur or a well established long term company. You may be a large organization employing more than 100 people or what if you are a not for profit charity or organization wanting to grow. One thing holds true; you need a  business   plan  to move forward.

All types of  businesses  are obviously in existence in hundreds of different industries and separate niche areas – but one thing holds true – you must have a  business   plan  to drive your growth. But why have a  plan  after all, only half of all  businesses  appear to have created one. Here are 5 compelling reasons why a  business   plan  is a must have tool.

 Business   Plan  Layout Essential #1: You have a summary of your vision and goals

Without a vision and goals summarized in the Executive Summary how do you ascertain where your business is going? I mean you would not build a house without a  plan  so why do so many people go into  business  without a written down  plan  of attack? Studies show only around 56% of all small  businesses  has a current  plan .

 Business   Plan  Layout Essential #2: Analyse and plan your product and services benefits and how you will take these to market.

The best approach to marketing anything is to analyse each service or product offering, work out how it will benefit the end consumer and build a strategy around telling prospects or customers about it effectively. So your  business   plan  layout must include a section on Market Analysis and the key strategies you will use over a 12 month period.

 Business   Plan  Layout Essential #3: The crucial financial analysis

The very best plans have a projection on profit and loss for at least 12 months ahead. There is a budget, balance sheet and cash flow tables showing the past, present and future possibilities – where practical.

 Business   Plan  Layout Essential #4: Who and what will your management team be doing to drive growth?

Management Analysis for your plan will describe the organization and the key team members and their exact tasks, key performance indicators and accountabilities. Here is a summary below of a perfect  business   plan  layout:

1. Executive Summary: Write this last. It’s just a page or two of highlights.

2. Company Description: Legal establishment, history, start-up plans, etc.

3. Product or Service: Describe what you’re selling. Focus on customer benefits.

4. Market Analysis: You need to know your market, customer needs, where they are, how to reach them, etc.

5. Strategy and Implementation: Be specific. Include management responsibilities with dates and budgets. Make sure you can track results.

6. Web Plan Summary: For e-commerce, include discussion of website, development costs, operations, sales and marketing strategies.

7. Management Team: Describe the organization and the key management team members.

8. Financial Analysis: Make sure to include at the very least your projected Profit and Loss and Cash Flow tables.

Lastly, ensure you will implement your plan so results happen. Too many companies spend months creating their plan only to see it gathering dust in the bottom of their desk drawer. No one intentionally does this. It is just that the every day process of completing your normal work duties can often mean implementation is put on the back burner. Take this  business   plan  layout above and make it work for you.

Source by Brian Jackway

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