How to Design Network Server


Network server is a most important component of a computer network because the entire computer network is administered, controlled and managed through it. Before designing a network server for your organization, you should have the adequate knowledge about the following things.

Server Processor

Processor is a heart of the CPU. It processes all the commands, instructions and commands and execute them to perform certain actions. Pentium processors are very reliable in performance and speed and trend is growing to use the multiprocessor servers to share the load on each processor. If one processor fails to work due to any reason, there is no effect on the other processor in the same server so it’s a wise decision of the network administrators to use the multiprocessor server for company’s network.

Hard Disk

Hard disks are used to store all the data in permanently. Hard disk is a mechanical device and while selecting the hard disk you should consider the S.M.A.R.T (Smart Monitoring and Reporting   Technology ). This  technology  monitors the hard drives and predicts the any failure in the hard drivers. Today, most of the server providers provide hot swap disk drives, this means that if one there is any error occurred in the hard drives, it can be replaced with the other hard drives while the server is in the working mode.


In a clustering environment, two or more servers operate as a single server and the failure of the one server does not affect on the other servers. Clustered environment has the benefits such as high performance, reliability and load balancing.

Memory Performance

While selecting the physical memory for the server it should be considered the memory support Error Correcting Code  technology . ECC  technology  fixes and repairs any single bit errors and report the multi bit errors. High memory is very vital for the server for its best performance, speed and continuous work.

Power Supply

Most of the computers come with the multi power supplies. This means in case of failure of the one power supply, does not affect on the other power supply in the same computer and in this way computer works normally. Multi power supplies are hot swappable like the hard disks i.e. faulty power supplies can be replaced with the new ones while the server is in the working mode.


UPS or uninterrupted power supply are very important in a network environment because a sudden jerk of the electricity may cause of the hard drives or mother boards of the server as well as the other computers in the network. A UPS normally provide a backup of 3-4 hours and during that time server and other computers can be setup and the files or other data can be saved.

Cooling Fans

The cooling system inside the server is provided by the cooling fans. Cooling fans pull the cool air inside the server and through out the heat from the server. The failure of the cooling fan results in the automatic shutdown of the server due to the high buildup of the heat. Many vendors of the computer systems are providing the hot swappable cooling fans.

Computer Monitoring Hardware

There is a specially designed adapter to monitor the performance of the different parts of the hardware of the computer. This adapter can also be controlled by a modem remotely.

Computer Monitoring Software

Different computer monitoring software is available in the market and their main purpose is to monitor the performance of the server and the client computers.

Data Server Location

Network server should be placed in a dust free, cooling capable and clean environment and only the authorized users should be allowed to enter in the server room.

Hopefully my above mentioned tips will help you building a better server for your computer network

Source by Bushra Bashir

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