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Firewalls are a normal part of computing today. Without them, people would have many more problems with their computers. Firewalls are virtual gate keepers that watch all the information arriving and leaving your computer or network. Sometimes, firewalls interfere with day to day activities and turning off the firewall is the only way to accomplish the task at hand.

Today, I will show you how to disable the firewall on your Windows Vista machine.

1. Click on start.

2. Find “Control Panel” and click on it.

3. One in the control panel, find the icon towards the bottom that reads “Windows Firewall” – double click on this icon.

4. A box will appear with the Windows firewall settings.

5. Towards the top left, click on the link that says “Turn Windows firewall on or off”.

6. User access control will appear on your screen asking you to confirm that you want to change the firewall settings – click on “Continue”.

7. Now you have the option to turn the firewall off – simply click on the bullet where it says “Off (not recommended)”.

8. Finally, click on “Ok” – your firewall is now off.

Following these steps disables the firewall potentially causing a dangerous situation. It is not recommended to leave the firewall off for too long. If a certain task is being limited because of your firewall, you can temporarily disable the firewall, complete your task and then turn it back on.

For more advanced users, you can create exceptions in the firewall which leave the firewall protection on but allow that one task to pass through. A network company can help with setting up your firewall properly and keeping your data safe.

Source by Dan Kornak

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