How to Fix Runtime Error R6025 in a Safe Way – A Newbie Can Do It


Computer users can often come across runtime error r6025. This is only a general error, which is mainly caused by the problems in the registry. It also means that some programs used in the computer has been corrupted.

It is not that difficult to correct the runtime error r6025, and here are a few steps that would help in overcoming it.

Once you see runtime error r6025 in the screen, the first thing is to open the task manager. After this, move on to the Process Tab and click on “Image Name.” Go down the process list and find the program that gave you the error message. Then click “End Process” to kill the warning process. However, it is at high risk of causing your computer to crash if you killed the wrong process.

After this step is completed, go to the control panel and open “Programs and Features”. Once the “Programs and Features” windows open, look for the program that gave the error message. Click on the error program and then go for “Remove Program” button.

Now close the “Programs and Features” window and then click the Start menu and go to Search box and then type “Cleanmgr.” Once this opens, click the link “Files from all users.” Now choose the drive where the program has been installed and click it. Once the files have been cleaned, you should have to restart the computer. You can now reinstall the program that you had deleted if you really need it.

The steps are easy to follow, however, it is also easy to cause your computer to crash if you do not understand how computer works very much. In case, the error r6025 comes up even after deleting all files, the only solution is to uninstall the operating system and then reinstall it. Because of these, the most recommended solution for runtime error r6025 is to use a professional registry repair software to help you.

The windows registry is an important part of the computer, where all information related to the functioning of the computer is stored. Any problem with the registry can cause runtime errors and so it is better to fix the problem at once. Using reliable registry repair software is the easiest and the best way for cleaning up runtime error r6025.

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