How to Get Started With Custom Lead Generation


Custom lead generation is important for any company interested in growth. In order to increase sales, attract new business, and stay relevant in the eyes of potential clients, it is important to have a well-constructed plan for generating new leads. There are a few methods to use. Some are classics, from the days when traditional media marketing was the only media. With the rapid rise of technology in the past few decades, there are several new options that can give excellent results and trackability.

In good marketing agency can help you increase your custom lead generation and integrated it into your overall marketing plan. It is important to do, because attracting new leads is one of the best ways to infuse the company with new business. Depending on your industry, you may find a particular method more appropriate or effective than another, however, most businesses will find that a variety gets the best results.

The tried and true methods of outbound marketing are still very much in play. Purchasing ad space in local publications, trade journals, memberships in organizations, television and radio spots, and even billboards are still effective and widely used methods for getting leads. However, new technology has advanced the field and allowed for the customization of the lead generation process. Inbound marketing defines the new method and it includes anything that bring the customer to your door through their own means.

These new kids on the block all involve technology. Original content is hugely important. Providing informative and helpful content to potential clients, you identify and the type of customer you seek. They find the content, and then come to you for more solutions and business. Leads generated from content marketing through blogs, podcasts, videos, and e-newsletters are specific and have a high success rate.

Other methods of custom lead generation is by taking advantage of the power of search engines. By researching keywords that people use and developing online content that features those words, the search engine brings your content to people that are actively searching for it. These leads are actively seeking a solution and by taking time to know the important keywords, you website and business is brought straight to them in the search results page.

Of course, no modern marketing plan is complete without social media and email marketing. Communicating with the public through online means is essential. The two mediums are hugely customizable. They is one of the best ways to speak to a wide audience, but are also both easily tailored for specific groups of people in specific places.

All of these options also have the capability of being tracked, meaning that you not only know who your lead is and what they need, but also other important details about them. Depending on the metrics you create, you can tell how long they stayed on a specific web page, what they clicked, and even what they shared with other people. This provides a great profile to the marketing and sales team to use for converting that person to a customer and then a dedicated patron. Of course, it is important to also have a solid plan for handling those new leads once they come in the door, but you must first focus on a solid method of custom lead generation.

Source by Angela Landrum

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