How to Give a Good Business Presentation


What is a Business Presentation?

There’s a lot of hoo ha about having good Presentation Skills these days. Since most people are not comfortable speaking out in front of groups the mere fact that they have to give a presentation makes them feel like they are facing Attila the Hun.

Why do you make a presentation

Breaking news! It’s not that tough to give a presentation when you know what it is and why you are giving one. Essentially a business presentation is a way to provide a group of people, including your manager, with the basics of what your project involves. There is no need to freeze at the sight of so many people waiting to hear you talk if you do this basic preparation.

How to give an effective presentation

1. Learn how to organize your material:

There is a great deal of material that you will accumulate on the topic. Learn to sift through it in an effective manner. Decide what needs to go into the actual talk, what can be given in hand outs, and what may be brought out in the question and answer session after the presentation.

2. Make the presentation interesting:

Naturally no one wants to sit through a large chunk of information that makes little sense. Add some entertainment in to the script so that people stay awake and listen to what you have to say. Some jokes in well placed areas will also be well received.

3. Use visually effectively:

Pictures speak louder than words. So make sure that you have enough of them to illustrate your point. This is not just restricted to photographs, I am talking about polls, graphs, charts and other visual aids as well. I will be writing a separate article on presentation aids. Check that out as well.

4. Sharpen your voice projection:

Your voice is your most effective tool. While you don’t have to take voice training sessions, at least make sure that you are aware of how to vary the pitch and pace so as to stay interesting. Don’t scream or whisper. Get the right tone and be polite all through out, specially in the question and answer section. Yes people will miss points you already covered in the presentation. Mention that you have covered it and be polite.

5. Be clear and precise in speech and thought:

When you know what you want to say you will be clear in communicating it. So get down with a pen and paper and jot down what your audience needs to know by the end of the presentation. Cover each point well and make sure there is no ambiguity left in the audience about what you are trying to convey.

6. Overcome nerves by practicing the presentation beforehand:

While a regular presentation can be handled with ease and little preparation, if it is a major business proposition, put in the extra effort. Specially if you are looking at a raise or promotion and are presenting the material to your seniors or the boss man himself. Believe me the extra effort shows.

Source by Cashmere Lashkari

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