How to Improve Your Life and Career by Learning Computer Skills


Computer skills are essential in today’s job market in obtaining a financially rewarding career, and, insuring that you are a viable asset that will not easily lose a job with the economy being what it is today. The key is to learn skills that are important in the day to day world.  No matter what your computer learning needs are, you can achieve a higher level of skill and knowledge.

Learn how to use spreadsheets, databases, web design, word processing, HTML, financial management or simply the basics of how to use your computer. Learn how to buy and sell and make money on eBay. This can be achieved in a short amount of time.

So what is the key? Video Professor. Founded by John W. Scherer, Video Professor has been the leader in comprehensive, self-paced computer software tutorials for almost 20 years. At the core of Video Professor’s teaching initiative is providing home users as well as corporate professionals with valuable and user-friendly learning solutions for today’s most common software titles. Video Professor has helped over 8 million people learn the computer skills they need to remain viable in today’s computer-driven marketplace.

Mr. Scherer’s dedication to teaching people in the fastest and easiest way possible has never wavered, and his unique teaching method has never been duplicated. Today Video Professor has approximately 80% penetration in the computer tutorial market and produces thousands of hours of computer instruction on nearly every major software title available. Video Professor continues to add new lessons every year!

The best place to start is with the basics. Why learn computer basics? When you learn computer basics, you will build the foundation of computer knowledge that you need to operate your computer. Once you have that foundation, you will be able to learn Word, Excel®, Access(TM), PowerPoint®, FrontPage®, Outlook, Publisher, and much more, in just a matter of hours. Whether you need basic computer skills to land a job or to keep an eye on your kids’ Internet surfing habits, computer basics training lessons will get you on the fast-track to a better career.

Video Professor offers over 60 titles in a variety of categories, such as Microsoft Office, Financial Management,Web Design, Windows, eBay, Online Investing, and much, much more. There are so many choices that will help you to build your knowledge base and increase your confidence level with your computer skills.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today on a better career. To find out more about what Video Professor has to offer you, click here.

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