How to Increase The Longevity of Your Mobile


Mobiles, cars and women are three things that no matter how good your own is, the other person’s always seems better! With the constantly innovating field of mobile technology, it gets even harder to stay satisfied with your phone for too long. The pace at which a phone becomes dated is absolutely astonishing!

So do we just keep shelling out money to satisfy our lust, or do we just let ourselves be starved for a great gadget staring at others? Maybe neither. The answer lies somewhere in between. Probably all we need to do is start valuing our possession a little more and take pride in it. Ironical it is that the same gadget you bought a few months – maybe a year ago with great excitement now seems nothing more than a liability. Sad that we don’t even allow our phones to live their life and give us the worth for what we spent on them! We decide to leave them under-used and unexplored to potential just for the desire of a new arrival on the stands.

Let’s try out a few simple tricks to add some longevity to our mobile devices.

1. Get New Applications: The best and most effective way to avoid getting bored of your phone is to find some interesting & useful applications for your phone from the vendor site. All of the popular brands like the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Android have dedicated Apps Stores which provide a wide range of apps that you can try out on your phone and add some flavor and “Newness” to it.

2. Be Well-Informed: At the time when you are contemplating a new phone, be aware of latest launches and features being offered on various phones and brands. Often we go ill-informed and make a hasty decision from amongst what a salesman showcases over the counter and leads us into buying. It might be a great idea to even wait a little while if you hear of a much talked about product being launched soon. A rash decision makes us end up buying an average product and leading to our getting bored of it in no time.

3. Explore the secrets of your phone: Most of the time we just get too mechanical in our usage of our phones. Standard features are fine, but try digging in a little deeper and you would find some quite interesting and unexplored features that your phone might have on offer. Simple tweaks could both improve your phone’s usability and add some interest to an aging device.

4. Beware whilst you watch those tech shows: Being a techie is absolutely fine, and watching all the tech/gadget shows is quite natural. Its great as a matter of fact to be well informed of all the tech happenings around you and taking interest in it. But one does need to maintain a balance between “watching” and “buying”. Just know a simple fact – even those   tech   gurus  who review and bring new gadgets to us every day don’t possess all of those gadgets themselves!

5. Go Window Shopping: Funny as it may sound, but go out window shopping once in a while. This has a two folded benefit. First, you get to get your hands on some cool stuff and do what you are most happy doing – being with the gadgets. And second, it helps clear out myths that you might have developed watching a gadget on the TV. Many a time we get fascinated by what we see on our TV screens, mostly due to the way in which they are presented. In actuality when you take the product in your hand and explore it, you might find its not that great after all!

6. Set yourself a time frame: Hard one may try, but with the ever changing mobile phones cropping up every day, each displaying an innovation hitherto unheard of, it does get tough to stay away and unaffected by the same. You would do well to set yourself a time limit before which not to discard your phone.

7. Treat your phone with pride: Your phone serves you day and night undeterred and uncomplaining. Its only fair to reciprocate and show some love to your phone. The longer you use the phone, the more attached you would feel to it

Source by S Agrawal

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