How to Nurture the Parent Child Relationship


Parent-child relationship is a very beautiful and strong relation. Like any other relationship, you have to nurture this bond with proper love, care, affection and with close communication. Most of the parents feel that it is very difficult to stay connected and nurture this bond as their children grow older. Here are some tips to enhance the strength of this special bond between a parent and a child.

Express your love: We express our love to our children in the early years of their life by kissing, hugging & pampering. But when they enter into their teen age, most of the parents don’t express their love, which is not good. Parents should express their love for their children everyday, no matter hat the age is as it is very important to enrich the relationship.

Play with your child: Indulge in fun activities with your children. Sing songs with them, dance with them, play chess, cards etc and enjoy each other. It works wonders to come closer and gives a boost to your relation with your child.

Dine together: Meal times can become a quality time for developing this bond. Switch off the tv. and use this time for a healthy conversation and share the activities of the whole day.

Respect your child’s decisions: Usually parents want to impose their decisions on their children. They want them to be what they wanted to become. They don’t understand that their children have their own choices too. They may be interested in some other thing. It creates a gap between the parent and the child. When your children grow up, don’t impose your decision, instead give your suggestion with love.

Take help of your children: For maintaining a closer relationship with your child, let your children help you sometimes. Giving your child the opportunity to choose which shoes look better with your dress lets them know that their opinion is valued. You can take their help in simple household tasks like organizing the cupboard or laying out the dining table etc.

Keep some time for one to one interaction: This is really a special thing for boosting the relationship. You can go for a walk, for a movie or to a shopping mall with your child. It is very important to celebrate each child individually as these opportunities will be the ones that you will remember in future.

Have faith in your children: Always keep faith in your little ones and let them also realize that you believe in them. Always have a healthy communication with your children. If you have some doubts, ask them as a friend and ensure that it should not hurt their emotions.

Source by Pooja Luthra

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