How to Promote B2B Business & Marketing Online


B2B is a widely popular and most often used seller’s directory. Irrespective of the nature of work and the size of the company, people refers to these directories for their references. The concern or the most commonly asked query by majority of sellers listed is that how can they promote B2B business and marketing online? How can they tap the genuine traffic and increase their clientage? The below article is an attempt to give you the tips on promoting the business with the listing/ registration on business directory.

1. To know the nature of the website you are listing your company. Normally, we list ourselves on the free seller’s directory without knowing how much rights and access is given to the seller in the management of the account. The B2B today give permission to the sellers to have the right to display their contact details.

2. Catalogue management. It is the catalogue of the seller which is visible to the buyers. Therefore, it is important that it is well maintained and have all the relevant information with the maximum display of the products. Ensure that the catalogue information should have the about us for the company, the display about the products and your contact details, so that the relevant buyer should able to contact you.

3. The B2B site compatibility. In today’s smart technology time, it is prime important to have the responsive, mobile friendly site. The visitors on the website are coming through different devices. Therefore, ensure that your catalogue details are visible properly on the website be it seen through a mobile, a laptop, a tab or iPad.

4. The detailed category listing. The categories should be made with due care and in great depth. Remember, the buyers searching on the business directory knows what they are searching for. Therefore, they will look for sellers in the specific category. Thus, list the company not only in the right category but the right and relevant sub- category also.

5. Regularly check your mail account created by you on the online business directory. The buyers will contact you either through mail or contact number. Remember, that the buyers also are looking for the genuine seller, who respond to their queries.

If any seller takes care of the above 5 tips can be ensured that he is definitely going to get the genuine buyers. Undoubtedly, this is the best option to promote your B2B business Online and Marketing. The best about this model is that it is free for all and one is free to go for purchased services only if satisfied and can ensure that they will definitely get the revenue.

Source by Danish Malik

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