How to Read Textbooks Online – Some Quick Solutions For Students in a Rush


If you’re a typical college student like me, you are probably a master at the art of procrastination. Last semester I put off buying a certain economics textbook because I felt that the professor would not be using it for several weeks. One day in class the professor told us that we would be having a quiz the following morning on the second chapter of the book that I currently did not own. I rushed home after the bookstore told me that they were sold out. I quickly began researching ways to read textbooks online.

The first solution that I discovered can be somewhat pricey, but what textbook is not pricey these days? If you need to read textbooks online, your first place to look should be Most college textbooks listed on Amazon allow you to buy access to the online version of the textbook. They will still send you the physical book, but in this way you can read the material online and be prepared for any tests, quizzes, or research papers that immediately come your way.

I soon discovered another way to read textbooks online, and it involves the all-powerful Google. Google has started developing a massive database of academic books, articles and journals. The name of this program is Google Scholar and it can be located at This can be a great way to read textbooks online, but usually the entire textbook is not available. In a pinch though, you can usually uncover enough material to complete any of your required assignments.

Take a look at the resource box below to find out my other methods that I use to read textbooks online, most of which are free!

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