How to Really Evaluate a Movie


When you really want to evaluate a movie in detail, nothing beats doing it from the comfort of your own home. One reason why dvd movies are so popular is because you can pause, stop, rewind, and even gain insight about the movies by viewing the bonus material on the disks. When rating a film, it’s nice to have control in a familiar environment.

It’s also invaluable to learn as much about the production of a product, as well. Seek out dvd movies that come with extended commentaries and features. Also, follow along with a movie by using a laptop to look up key topics and people in film. Often times, your perception of a movie will change by learning its history.

A Collection That Keeps Growing

I am a big fan of movies and there are some that I enjoy watching more than once, so I usually buy the dvd. I have accumulated quite an impressive collection of dvds over the years, so I was caught off guard when this entire blue ray thing started. I should have know better. I am old enough to remember the beta max fiasco and was smart enough to go with VHS.

Of course, I now have an extensive collection of video tapes. I am keeping my video tape player in a box in the closet because I am also old enough to remember record players. I have a wonderful collections of albums and nothing to play them on. I stand here in the store wondering if I should buy the dvd or just give in and buy the entire blue ray system and just get it over with.

Take Care of Your Investment

Taking care of your dvd movies isn’t difficult, and it will prevent having the best scene ruined by skips, freezing pictures, or the disk stopping altogether. Always keep the disk in its original case or a soft sleeve made especially for dvd movies. Whenever you play the disk, before you insert it into the machine and after you remove it to put away, wipe the disk with a dry soft cloth.

But–if you see any smudges or residue on the disk, do not wipe it down, as it can be easily scratched. Instead, wash it with ordinary dish detergent, when dry it with a soft cloth. Washing your disks will prevent most problems, as long as they are stored properly. Never use a cleaning solution, as this may contain solvents that will damage the surface. Never use a cleanser with “scrubbing power,” as these contain abrasives.

Source by Elizabeth Trineroni

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