How to Send Your Resume to Employers


Everyone knows that half the battle to getting a new job is impressing the employer with your resume. When you’ve completed the resume, you need to start preparing for the possibility of an interview. But this article isn’t about producing your resume or even preparing for your interviews. This article is about the way in which you send your resume to your potential employer.

Some companies may tell you how to send your resume. Most companies prefer the good old fashioned way. Letter through the post. But what many people don’t know is that you NEED to include a cover letter when sending through the mail. Your potential employers won’t tell you either, because they’ll assume you already know. Have a search around the blog, I’ve already wrote a number articles on how to create cover letters.

With technology growing by the day, sending your resume by email is becoming more popular. This is actually my preferred method of sending resumes. Why? Because it’s really simple, doesn’t cost anything and it’s instant! However this doesn’t mean you send the resume in the body of the email, oh no! You want to attach your resume onto the email, as a file attachment. And you want to make sure your resume file format is a .doc (standard Microsoft document file) or a .PDF (portable document format). Around 95% of all computer around the world will support these file formats.

You could also fax your resume to your potential employer too. But make sure you phone up, asking for the correct fax details. Personally I’ve never done this before, as I don’t have a fax machine. But I imagine the rules still apply. Make sure you include a cover letter and contact details. (duh!)

And last but not least. The walk-in resume. If you’re going to be handing your resume over to your potential employer in person you need to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. This should be common knowledge. But a lot of people don’t take dressing appropriately seriously. Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you by telling you what to wear – hey, I’m no fashion   guru ! But keep in mind that you need to give a good impression. If you do hand your resume to your potential employer in person, you want to ask a few questions or make some comments about the business. Show them that you’re interested!

Source by Thomas Lee Dean

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