How to Show Your Kids Unconditional Love


The best thing that you can do to your kid is tell them that they are unconditionally loved. The message of unconditional love is perhaps the most effective and the greatest message that you can tell your kids. But then again, if you do not express it properly, you kids will not be able to understand it and might even misread what you are trying to say.

Kids are not equipped to intuitively know that they are loved, so you have to convince them by making constant confirmation and follow through of such love. Although that can be a lot of hard work, there are simple and doable ways that you can do to let your kids know how much you love them.

The boldest and the most obvious way of telling your kids how much you love them is by saying it outright. Tell your kids you love them the moment they wake up, right before they sleep, during and after an argument, on the phone, while waiting for her bus, while eating breakfast, and at unexpected moments. You should communicate your love to your kids as often and as much as you can, in any way possible.

Do not think that admitting your feelings to your kids is a sign of weakness or permissiveness. Although kids can be really annoying and pesky at times, they still deserve to feel and to know that they are loved. Loving your kids does not necessarily mean turning a blind eye on everything they do. Rather, loving your kids unconditionally means loving them regardless of what they do.

Although verbally expressing your love to your children is great, it is not enough. You should follow it through by writing notes, letters, post-its, cards and such telling your kids you love them. If you want, you can even write it on the napkin you pack their lunch with.

Leaving your kids with love notes like these is like telling them, “I was thinking of you a while ago, but you were not here.” You might not know it, but writing does a lot of magic to the lives of children.

If you have the time and the creative thumb, another way of letting your kids know that you love them is by making things for them. Make them clothes, play dough characters, doll clothes, cupcakes, burgers, ice cream, their favorite spaghetti, and so on. One way of becoming an effective parent is by doing an activity together with your child.

But the best way to show your kids you love them is being there for them, physically. Participate in their activities and watch them during school plays or a soccer match. Even when they are just in the park, watch them play and give them a loving smile and a secret wave to let them know that you are there for them.

Source by Katherine E Thompson

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