How To Use Search Engines To Locate Jobs


With the Internet taking off like a rocket and showing no signs of slowing down, employers are looking to it to find job seekers. Using the latest state of the art technology, search engines are aiding employers to find employees and vice versa.

Every day, new jobs are added. Users should look every day or every other day for the job. This gives those looking for employment a variety of jobs to explore through. That’s when users should be utilizing the job banks and job search engines.

Through testing, some search engines are able to provide more job websites. This enables searches to see

Some search engines work better than others, offering more job sites, companies, locations and any associations from a keyword being typed in. Engine results will come in a variety of ways from browser listings to e-mails in the inbox.

What are the well known search engines?

Some well known search engines include, Jobster, and America’s Job Bank, which lead to more up to date information. There are over 500 listings thanks in part from newspapers, job boards and other companies with their “want ad pages”. has a feature that allows users to search for company names, any positions and distance – great with commuters.

With America Job Bank, the site will search any job category selected and from the input given, with a zip code and state, it will bring up a list of available jobs in the area. Some salaries are even quoted on this site.

On the website SimplyHired, applicants are given short descriptions about the job including responsibilities that are expected of the personnel. This site will also give the date for when jobs were posted, the type of company and its location.

Jobster provides job from the past seven days to present and it will allow you to choose the distance of said jobs. A good number of sources will pop up from this site.

How Do They do?

Since the sites give timely information with results that stay on longer than most online newspaper sites, it’s no wonder people are checking them out. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting on? A job is out there waiting.

Personally, is the best by far. From showing job titles with links and providing a job description summary. The results were user and job friendly with no confusing information whatsoever.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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