How to Wear a Celebrity Inspired Dress on a Budget


Every time you open magazines, watch entertainment news or browse through the internet, you see celebrities all dressed up in beautiful dresses, perfect hairdos and makeups on the red carpet. You look at them with envy and think “Why can’t I look just like that?” The answers are as simple as: you don’t have the budget, Missy! Those celebrities are glammed up by the designer gods such as Valentino, Calvin Klein, Channel, Ferragamo, and Michael Korrs and so on and so forth. Have you ever seen a celebrity wearing a $20 dollar dress on the red carpet? Certainly not! Their makeup and hairdo were made by the top makeup artist from the beauty industry. So what does an average Jane like you should do? The answer is pretty simple as well: Research, Budget and Patience! To help you out, here’s a lowdown on how to dress like a celebrity within the budget.


Set a realistic budget for the dress. Live by your means and don’t go overboard especially if you live paycheck to paycheck. Sit down and allot an appropriate budget for the dress. Don’t worry, you’ll find something that works for you even without being a celebrity.


Google in celebrity-inspired dresses and you’ll instantly get thousands of results in a second. There are celebrities-inspired dresses that are priced reasonably because manufacturers take inspiration from the outfit which they saw on the red carpet and sort of “copy” it, recreating the look to meet the need of ordinary girls who want to look as shiny as their icons. Furthermore, online magazines offer tips on how to make our own twist on a celebrity dress to make it much cheaper. These also contain the places and online stores where you can find the dresses similar to ones that you saw on the net.

3.Try Vintage stores

Some celebrities have sported vintage clothes on the red carpet such as Scarlett Johansson. What made her look exquisite in wearing something that is old is that she paired that vintage dress with modern chic shoes and jewelries. That’s what makes her a sparkling star. Mix the old and the new to create something modern and prevent looking too retro. Look for vintage stores for this sort of dresses and pair them with trendy accessories for you to look updated and stylish. Vintage stores also carry costume jewelries to jazz up your look especially if you don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on earrings, necklaces and bracelets. (Some celebrities even have bodyguards with them to keep an eye of their jewelries).

4.If all else fails

If all the methods that were mentioned above seem to be ineffective, then the last resort is to get a good seamstress to recreate the look for you. Bring in your favorite celebrity dress together with the fabric that they used for the Oscars and have your seamstress to do the magic for you.

Source by Shirley Jingsi Huang

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