How to Write a Business Plan For an Online Business


Developing and writing a comprehensive business plan is the key to a company’s success or failure. It serves as an invaluable blueprint providing insight into what works, what doesn’t and why. It also helps plan for the unexpected. In fact, successful companies keep ahead of the curve by regularly updating their plans in order to maintain a competitive edge.

The following Six Tips will help you craft some of the most important aspects of your company’s business plan. Enjoy the process. If you don’t get excited about it, you may be venturing into the wrong business!

Tip No. 1 – The Mission Statement: A Company’s Blueprint for Success

A well-conceived and thought out mission statement defines a company’s core values, attributes and objectives. It serves as a blueprint and positioning within the marketplace. An architect would never build a structure without a plan. Following suit, define the structural elements that serve as your company’s foundation.

Tip No. 2 – Give Customers What They Want or Think They Need

Get to know your customer. How do they access information on the web? Define how your business is positioned to give them what they want. Understand your target audience. Develop a unique strategy in line with your company brand that will attract and excite customers.

Tip No. 3 – Market Research: Know Your Universe

Getting a grasp on the marketplace and researching the competition to determine what works (or what doesn’t) is paramount. How are similar or related services priced and marketed? Figure out how you can get an edge on the competition. Develop a realistic public relations and marketing plan that will set you apart from the crowd without breaking the bank. If you don’t understand how public relations and marketing work on the worldwide web, get some professional advice. Many consultants work on an hourly fee basis. Getting educated will help you save money!

Tip No. 4 – Accept the Risks by Planning for the Bumps in the Road

The Internet is a huge landscape. Starting a new web-based business is like being a spec of sand on a global beach of competitors. It’s important you understand the risks involved. Plotting out a strategic plan, clearly targeting objectives and identifying budgets and safe hatches can help you minimize and maneuver around your risks vs. going into panic mode and making bad decisions.

Tip No. 5 – Keep it Unique

There are many cookie-cutter business plans available as templates. They should be used for just that – a template. You may want to research a number of them. Mix and match elements that best suit your objectives and goals. If you’ve done your homework (by following Tips 1-4 above), you will be best equipped to define a plan that reflects the personality and brand of your business.

Tip No. 6 – Get a Second Opinion

After you’ve written your plan, show it to a trusted, professional source (or sources) for their input. Discuss it with your accountant, your business attorney and/or a professional business consultant. A fresh, professional perspective can catch any problems or inconsistencies before you present to a potential investor or venture out on to the ever-changing landscape of the worldwide web.

Take control of your company’s future now by creating a plan that showcases your company’s unique brand, makes an impact, maximizes potential and minimizes risks. It will give you the confidence it takes to be a winner!

Source by Keerk Smith

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