How to Write an Executive Summary for a Business Plan – Sample Case Study


Many Entrepreneurs toil over writing their  business   plan  and they very much stress over writing the executive summary. So, let me give you some advice. First write out a rough draft executive summary and do not worry about its perfection. Why?

Well, because after the  business   plan  is completed you will no doubt end up re-writing it anyway, thus it pays to make a general outline for your  business   plan  and write your executive summary as a guide, all the while realizing you will change it later. Below is a sample Executive Summary for a Hygiene product called Teeth Wipes, a product originally conceived by Charles Shooster Ph.D. in the 1990’s.

Teeth Wipes

Executive Summary

(Rough Draft – Editing Copy)

In Today’s extremely fast paced society more and more people are neglecting their personal hygiene – brushing teeth takes time and there is not always a toothbrush handy. The emphasis on desire for appearance is evident from the movie star role models on TV to the average person on the street. This mass media incited phenomena in human populations and their desire to look their best and feel good is World Wide. Our product Teeth Wipes, a registered Trademark [1997], fulfills the desires of people to look good and have a fresh clean smile all the time.

Currently one-thirds of Chinese Citizens smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day and the number is growing – their teeth are stained yellow. In the United States and First World Nations there simply there is no time to brush our teeth after each meal, nor is it even feasible. Teeth Wipes clean teeth instantly and add fresh breath that lasts for 1 to 3 hours or more on each use, allowing the mouth to feel refreshed and clean with peppermint flavor.

Unique opportunities for distribution include Restaurants or after Airline meals. Many alternative distribution options allow us to move quickly and inexpensively in the market place without high marketing costs or paying outrageous fees for shelf space at the top Grocery Retailers. Teeth Wipes will also be sold in Vending Machines at Airports, Bus Terminals and Travel Centers. Our product is needed everywhere here on Earth and in space with NASA Astronauts. When water supplies are shut off or damaged from the Catastrophic forces of Mother Nature, Teeth Wipes can be distributed for rescue crews and those receiving vital aid from FEMA.

With two special formulas, one with the standard thymol, menthol and sodium fluoride solution it becomes a plaque and tooth decay inhibitor the other an organic blend without fluoride. This allows us to sell Teeth Wipes in Organic Food Markets and in Multi-Level Marketing Online Catalogs, where the MLM company can offer it to its 100,000s of thousands of distributors.

We will use direct telephone selling to purchasing agents and buyers of retail chains with an online video demonstration to secure sales and then keep costs down by automating the ordering process online. This low-cost disposable product will entitle our company to with on-going revenues as customer awareness and satisfaction grows.

We will solicit $200,000 in capital from a few investors and give them 20% of the founding stock of the company. This initial capital will be used to prime the pump with 200,000 “Teeth Wipe” pre-packaged units ready to be shipped, as well as for website development for secured transactions by credit card and commissions to salespeople who will call upon lists of retail industry buyers from such groups as:

  • Vending Machine Associations
  • National Association of Purchasing Management
  • National Restaurant Association
  • C-Store News and Association
  • Recreational Camping Association
  • Multi-Level-Marketing Companies

Future line extension of Teeth Wipes include “Infant Teeth Wipes” and “Pet Teeth Wipes” for Dogs, Horses and other important animals.

Our nearest competitor Oral-B is selling their “Brush Ups” product, which is somewhat similar in a package of 12 for $8.99 retail. At this price point they are missing the masses in the market place, which we intend to take as our loyal customers.

Lastly, we see a huge market for military use around the world, especially with deployments into regions of the World where water is scarce such as Africa or the Middle East or where the water has been compromised due to biological warfare or previously destroyed infrastructure in the battlespace.

Our goals are to start without high expenditures and to use our capital wisely and as cash flow while stacking up sales volumes to lower our costs, generate income and make a profit. Any questions?

— —- —- —

As you can see this is a rough draft, which was written prior to the completed  business   plan . It is not perfect of course and that is purposeful. So, stop worry and start writing your  business   plan , do not let the little things cause procrastination, as there is no room for hesitation in an entrepreneurial company. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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