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Some of the major job roles in the Human Resources sector are those that have a role as the recruiter. They have to identify the correct person for the job and satisfy the companies need and then appoint them for the job. The main part of that role is to find out if the person clearly suits the job or not. For this, the HR requires a lot of talent and experience. The people in the Director HR jobs need to train the selected employees and mold them to do the work properly.

The manger should train the workers for full project requirement and process. Another role in the Director HR jobs is to create a good personal relationship with the workers. It is very important to know any problems that the employees have, and to resolve the problems. If the employees are happy and if they are in good collaboration with the company, then there will be good team work for everyone.

The main role of the Director HR job is to be responsible for the finance department, which means the salary, incentives allowances and other benefits for the employees. All this should be done while the people are in the job and even after retiring. The pension and other provident fund details must be looked at by the HR managers.

Because of the work in the finance department, the person taking the Director HR job should know accounting in addition with a Master degree in Human Resources. With all of the vital roles of this job, there is another that they have to take care of, and that is when an employee resigns. They have to try to find ways to make the worker stay in the company, because if the employee resigns it will be a great loss to the company.

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