HR Management Success Begins With RPO


The world’s advancement in technology has called for a better process in attracting highly-skilled individuals as today’s dynamic environment and hectic marketplace has outpaced traditional processes organizations have grown accustomed to. Companies who were adamant to embrace the change that was brought about at the turn of the century have flourished, while others have floundered. Thankfully, it is not too late. Many companies realized this change at an earlier time and utilizing years of studies and research to create the perfect software and systems to offer their expertise to organizations that might need them. Thus, recruitment outsourcing was born.

Though hiring another organization to fill job vacancies for other organizations was a common practice across the board for many decades, the need for a reliant process to spur the effectiveness of recruitment was not realized until the late twentieth century when every man, woman and child quickly embraced the power of the web. The demand for recruitment outsourcing grew day by day and year by year as businesses who off-shored a part of their organization needed lots of qualified applicants daily, starting the trend of a highly competitive and extremely fast-paced marketplace. This called for a better process in recruiting method for outsourcing making it low-cost, efficient and fast. It’s what we call RPO, or recruitment process outsourcing.

Many organizations may help you with you recruitment needs. They have been in this practice for many years and have perfected the process by amassing data acquired through many years of service and use this studying and comparing these across all organizations and cultures. They study human behavior and what you can do for people to respond to you the right way. They offer standard recruitment plans that various companies can use to answer the dilemma of man power shortage. The only problem with this is it relies solely on studied aspects common to all companies but what about the aspects that make a company unique? Every organization has a different set of values and goals that sets them apart from other companies. To answer this dilemma a few brilliant companies produced a different kind of RPO, one that you own, customize and streamline to your needs. You consult these companies, look at the standard processes that they use and take that to compare with what you currently use. One by one, aspects that do not apply to your company will surface and marks the start of your very own.

The complete process goes through several phases in itself to ensure that your investment costs and the time you dedicate in creating your ideal framework materializes into the perfect prototype. It starts with defining specific standards and goals you are aiming for and explaining your expectations of a desired outcome so the project can be pointed in the right direction. The second step is discovering the overall framework to be used for the recruitment process streamlined to the goals, mission and vision of your organization. The third step involves designing methods and strategies that would be used in order to achieve your determined results, forever trashing the old processes that did not do your company good and have become a liability. The third phase involves developing a variety of strategies used for recruitment processes and studying comparative data to identify the exact recruitment process that is effective for your company. The fourth step is the induction of the development process by reflecting on gathered data that were tested and compared in the previous stages. The fifth is the deployment of the new process in place by introducing and training your personnel in executing the new recruitment plan. The final step is the flawless execution of your new recruitment process outsourcing plan ready for the highly-skilled talents it will soon be enticing.

Now that your RPO is being executed by your outsourced HR management team, it should only be a matter of time before you meet top talent face to face. Ensure that the recruitment outsourcing process you created is looked into from time to time so it can adapt to the changes your company undergoes through as well. Also ensure that you know how to retain top talent by visualizing and creating processes that would complement your RPO. Remember, just a perfect RPO cannot do it all alone, avoid rehiring and added cost by retaining your top talent.

Source by Kath Dawson

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